API Management News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that are related to managing APIs and thought worth enough to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how APIs are being managed across a diverse range of implementations.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
Manage your APIs like content, not like software (2015-01-05) developer.ibm.com
Monthly IDG (Intuit Developer Group) Developer Call: January 2015 (2015-01-05) developer.intuit.com
Introducing the API Innovation Corner (2015-01-05) www.apiacademy.co
IBM Bluemix Toolbox Expands with PHP Solutions (2015-01-05) www.haaretz.com
(2015-01-06) github.com
Google Maps API integration gets simpler with Java and Python libraries (2015-01-08) thenextweb.com
Q4 Product Roundup | AlchemyAPI (2015-01-22) blog.alchemyapi.com
Introducing @TwilioHelp: A Twitter Handle For Twilio Support (2015-01-23) www.twilio.com
What programming languages are popular with Intuit devs? | Blog | Intuit Developer (2015-01-27) developer.intuit.com
The power of developer communities (2015-01-28) blog.docker.com
An Update on the LoopBack Roadmap and Backlog (2015-02-18) strongloop.com
Feature 45: Updating user account using User Service API (2015-02-22) backendless.com
New Developer Panel ? Join Now! (2015-02-23) developer.intuit.com
New Developer Panel (2015-02-23) developer.intuit.com
Respoke: A Virtual Startup (2015-02-23) blog.respoke.io
IBM Applies Watson Artificial Intelligence to API Management (2015-02-24) www.programmableweb.com
Xero API Developer of the Year 2014 (2015-02-24) www.xero.com
API Management: Tomorrows superhero today (2015-02-24) blogs.ca.com
Meet the Platform Team ? Part II! (2015-02-26) blog.mendeley.com
What?s new in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace (2015-02-27) www.zendesk.com
Libraries and SDKs: Respoke Today and the Near Future (2015-02-27) blog.respoke.io
Updating the Skype Privacy Statement (2015-02-27) blogs.skype.com
FieldVal Tackles Lackluster API Error Handling | ProgrammableWeb (2015-02-27) www.programmableweb.com
We?ve Revamped Our Blog! (2015-03-01) community.uservoice.com
A note about rate limits (2015-03-03) keenio.tumblr.com
Top 20 Intuit Developer Questions (2015-03-03) developer.intuit.com
A Little Care Package for PHP Developers (2015-03-06) postmarkapp.com
How Promoting a Developer Ecosystem Strengthens an API (2015-03-06) www.programmableweb.com
Securing Web.API Requests With JSON Web Tokens (2015-03-10) www.codeproject.com
Facebook Applies Versioning Strategy to Marketing API (2015-03-10) www.programmableweb.com
Blacklisting JSON Web Token API Keys (2015-03-10) auth0.com
SOA Software Broadens Platform, Changes Name to Akana (2015-03-10) api.report
API Management | SOA Governance | API Security | Akana Inc. (2015-03-10) www.akana.com
AdroitLogic Releases APIDirector for API Management (2015-03-12) www.programmableweb.com
Manage your APIs with the new IBM Bluemix Service (2015-03-12) heidloff.net
Register now for the AdWords API Workshops around the globe! (2015-03-17) googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com
Dell Boomi Launches API Management Cloud Service (2015-03-18) www.eweek.com
Dell Adds API LifeCycle Management to Boomi (2015-03-18) www.programmableweb.com
Dev site + Sandbox down Saturday, March 21 (2015-03-20) developer.intuit.com
Self-service is anything but boring. Introducing our #BestHelpCenters (2015-03-20) www.zendesk.com
Ned Batchelder: REST API gotcha, and webhookdb (2015-03-20) nedbatchelder.com
Default API Version Now v3 (2015-03-23) blog.mailgun.com
Manage, monitor, and control all your IoT devices with Overlord (2015-03-23) www.codeproject.com
Webinar: Using Zapier to streamline your email marketing (2015-03-23) www.campaignmonitor.com
Tickets to Issues: Zendesk and JIRA API Integrations (2015-03-24) blog.cloud-elements.com
One Year of OneNote API, One Updated Roadmap (2015-03-24) blogs.msdn.com
Bizcoder - Are You Or Your Customers Leaking Your API Keys? (2015-03-24) www.bizcoder.com
Sign up Now for the Amazon Echo Beta SDK (2015-03-25) developer.amazon.com
GA of API Management Premium Tier (2015-03-26) azure.microsoft.com
Getting Started with Azure API Management (2015-03-26) www.codeproject.com
10 Questions to Consider When Using an API (2015-03-27) developerboards.att.lithium.com
Reactions to Using The Twilio API (2015-03-30) nordicapis.com
DataSift Developer Community Site Launched (2015-03-30) blog.datasift.com
The Tooling Landscape for Developer Programs (2015-03-31) dzone.com
Watson Developer Cloud: What?s up, docs? (2015-03-31) developer.ibm.com
API management comes of age (2015-03-31) sdtimes.com
General Availability ? IBM API Management for Bluemix (2015-04-02) developer.ibm.com
Band Aids Don?t Solve REST API Complexity (Part 2 of 4) (2015-04-02) blog.dreamfactory.com
How to Write ?Good? API Documentation (2015-04-02) blog.cloud-elements.com
Help us Shape the Azure Storage iOS Library (2015-04-06) azure.microsoft.com
Try your API right away, with APISpark?s built-in Swagger UI (2015-04-07) restlet.com
Developers Console ? Now in HD (2015-04-07) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Coinbase Launches New Developer Portal, Six-Week Hackathon (2015-04-07) www.programmableweb.com
EMA on Dell Boomi: Multi-purpose PaaS Offers API Management (2015-04-08) blogs.boomi.com
Dell Boomi API Management: Create, Publish and Manage APIs More Easily and Cost Effectively than Ever (2015-04-08) blogs.boomi.com
Introducing the Varnish API Engine | Varnish Software (2015-04-09) info.varnish-software.com
Analytics API Quick Start (2015-04-10) docs.brightcove.com
How documentation is done in OpenStack (2015-04-12) opensource.com
Utility API or Ecosystem API? A guest post from Eventbrit (2015-04-13) catchyagency.com
Autotask API Integration: Simplified through a RESTful API (2015-04-14) cloud-elements.com
Varnish Software Launches API Management Platform (2015-04-14) www.programmableweb.com
Telstra IN:Sight: Introducing the Customer Insight Center - YouTube (2015-04-15) www.youtube.com
The Convergence of API Management and iPaaS: A New Perspective (2015-04-20) cloud-elements.com
API Management for Everyone (2015-04-21) fioranoblog.wordpress.com
Announcing the Data.gov Help Desk (2015-04-21) www.data.gov
Introducing Box Developer Edition: A fundamentally new way to build on the Box platform (2015-04-22) www.box.com
451 Research: Dell Boomi Extends Its iPaaS with an API Lifecycle Management Release (2015-04-22) blogs.boomi.com
Analyse your API calls (2015-04-22) restlet.com
Ecosystem Manager (2015-04-23) expressoemprego.pt
We have a changelog! (2015-04-27) keenio.tumblr.com
Policy Expressions in Azure API Management (2015-04-27) azure.microsoft.com
Akana Extends API Management to Microsoft Azure (2015-04-28) www.programmableweb.com
Mashape Unleashes Kong as Open Source API Management Platform (2015-04-28) www.programmableweb.com
How API management helps CDOs bridge the digital transformation gap (2015-04-28) blogs.ca.com
Mashape Open-Sources Its Kong API Management Platform | TechCrunch (2015-04-28) techcrunch.com
Kong - Open-Source API Management Layer (2015-04-28) getkong.org
Documentation Update: New How-Tos Java Library (2015-04-29) blog.genability.com
USA.gov in Beta: Tell Us What You Think (2015-05-04) www.digitalgov.gov
Introducing the Qbox Help Center (2015-05-05) blog.qbox.io
Imagining a Pied Piper API (2015-05-05) www.3scale.net
Feature 121: Adding objects with relations using REST Console (2015-05-10) backendless.com
Feature 120: Using REST Console to delete objects (2015-05-10) backendless.com
IBMs next big Bluemix move: API management (2015-05-11) www.infoworld.com
A Redesigned Knowledge Base, Plus Billing and Messaging Updates (2015-05-11) blog.mailchimp.com
Platform Updates! Content Sunrise, Cloud-hosted Libraries and More (2015-05-12) www.jwplayer.com
Now Available ? AWS Directory Service API CLI (Bonus: CloudTrail Integration) (2015-05-14) aws.amazon.com
A New Okta Blog for Developers (2015-05-15) www.okta.com
The JBoss apiman API Manager REST services API (2015-05-19) www.apiman.io
Your API needs a plan (a.k.a. API Management) (2015-05-20) www.wissel.net
3scale API Management Platform Now Supports Updated Swagger 2.0 (2015-05-20) www.programmableweb.com
The JBoss apiman API Manager REST Services API (2015-05-21) java.dzone.com
Updates and UserVoice forum for Azure Media Player! (2015-05-21) azure.microsoft.com
Reality matters ? User stories on steroids ? how Estimote uses ?blog... (2015-05-22) blog.estimote.com
WEB API Management -1st Part (2015-05-24) www.codeproject.com
Developer Practices Checklist (2015-05-27) developer.salesforce.com
Metering Microservices on OpenShift with 6Fusion?s Delano Seymour: Commons Briefing #13 (2015-05-28) blog.openshift.com
API Updates (2015-06-01) blog.clearbit.com
The New Developer Docs Portal Experience (2015-06-03) developer.salesforce.com
Join Keen Community Discussions Every Friday (2015-06-03) keenio.tumblr.com
WSO2 Announces API Cloud and App Cloud (2015-06-03) www.infoq.com
Small Business Spotlight: How awesome customer service helps iZettle grow a global business (2015-06-03) www.desk.com
Learn to build scalable apps in Python with Google App Engine (2015-06-03) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
One Million Reasons to Integrate with QuickBooks Online and Apps.com (2015-06-04) developer.intuit.com
Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps Part 2: The Second Way ? Amplify Feedback Loops (2015-06-04) blog.docker.com
19 of the Worst Developer Frustrations (2015-06-05) www.programmableweb.com
WSO2 API Cloud Release Brings Open Source API Management to the Public (2015-06-05) www.programmableweb.com
At WWDC Apple Unifies iOS, Mac, Watch OS Dev Programs (2015-06-08) www.programmableweb.com
Improved Search Functionality in our QuickBooks App Store (2015-06-10) developer.intuit.com
Share Your Projects And Perspective On The Konekt Blog (2015-06-10) konekt.io
API management solutions market will quadruple by 2020 (2015-06-10) www.zdnet.com
Backendless 2.0 is released with Geofencing, Logging API, Node.JS support and API Management (2015-06-10) backendless.com
Backendless 2.0 is released with Geofencing, Logging API, Node.JS support and API Management (2015-06-10) backendless.com
API KPI?s ? 4 Keys to Tracking a Successful Developer Program (2015-06-11) www.mashery.com
Help us help you with your DFP API questions (2015-06-11) googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com
5 Reasons Your API May be Ready for Retirement (2015-06-14) www.programmableweb.com
Intuit Developer Has a New Services Dashboard (2015-06-15) developer.intuit.com
Bitreserve opens API to developer community (2015-06-16) www.finextra.com
A new Filepicker plugin?.created by a Filepicker client (2015-06-16) www.filepicker.com
Two ways to create your APISpark account (2015-06-16) restlet.com
On Air with the Google Apps Developer Team (2015-06-17) googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com
API Management Solutions Market Predicted to Quadruple by 2020 (2015-06-17) www.programmableweb.com
Google Offers Bounty for Android Bugs (2015-06-19) www.programmableweb.com
Manage your API, without installing anything on your systems (2015-06-19) restlet.com
(2015-06-19) blog.lateral.io
API Management and Microservices (2015-06-22) www.windley.com
How to Receive Notifications When Your AWS Accounts Root Access Keys Are Used (2015-06-23) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Announcing New Docs for Keen IO (2015-06-24) keenio.tumblr.com
Focusing on Spot Instances ? Let?s Talk About Best Practices (2015-06-24) aws.amazon.com
Introducing the Alexa Skills Kit, Enabling Developers to Create Entirely New Voice Driven Capabilities (2015-06-25) developer.amazon.com
API Management and Microservices (2015-06-25) www.windley.com
API Management and Microservices (2015-06-25) www.windley.com
API Management and Microservices (2015-06-25) www.windley.com
API v2 developer site (preview!) (2015-06-25) blogs.dropbox.com
Its all about managing those APIs better says WaveMaker (2015-06-26) cmsreport.com
Data Request - Data.gov (2015-06-27) www.data.gov
Sign-up For the Amazon Developer Weekly (2015-06-30) developer.amazon.com
THBS Bolsters Its Flagship API Management Solution API-o-Blocks with Advanced Capabilities (2015-06-30) www.prlog.org
SLAs are just a comfort blanket. In the OnApp Federation, metadata rules! (2015-07-01) onapp.com
What?s New for Developers with QuickBooks Online v87? (2015-07-01) developer.intuit.com
How To Manage APIs with Restlet#039;s APISpark (2015-07-01) www.programmableweb.com
Use AlchemyData News Like a Pro: Tip #3 (2015-07-02) blog.alchemyapi.com
Yelp Announces API Console and Will Soon End V1 Endpoints (2015-07-02) www.programmableweb.com
On ProgrammableWeb: Manage APIs with APISpark (2015-07-03) restlet.com
Manage Fuse APIs with apiman (2015-07-07) www.apiman.io
New And Improved Developer Documentation (2015-07-08) blog.pokitdok.com
BrandPost: About MaaS and PaaS of the future (2015-07-08) www.computerworld.com
Adding a user with Context.IO! (2015-07-08) blog.context.io
Managing apps and users with fine-grained access controls (2015-07-09) blog.heroku.com
More Improvements to the Developer Docs Portal (2015-07-09) developer.salesforce.com
AWS Launches API Gateway as a Cloud Service (2015-07-09) www.programmableweb.com
WSO2 to Present Webinar Series on API Design and Management Best Practices for Achieving a Connected Business (2015-07-09) wso2.com
Amazon API Gateway ? Build and Run Scalable Application Backends (2015-07-09) aws.amazon.com
Amazon Web Services API Gateway: Why it could be a big deal (2015-07-10) www.zdnet.com
A first glimpse of the new Amazon API Gateway (2015-07-11) api-university.com
Amazon Release API Gateway, a Managed Service to Build and Run APIs (2015-07-12) www.infoq.com
How API management can solve the enterprise architect?s dilemma (2015-08-10) blogs.ca.com
Our Brand New Docs (2015-08-11) www.pushwoosh.com
Make sure your Ads API client library runtime environment is up-to-date! (2015-08-12) googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com
Many Leading API Management Vendors are Not So Secure After All (2015-08-14) www.axway.com
Two new CKAN extensions ? Webhooks and Geopusher (2015-08-15) ckan.org
API Management: A Tale of Two Keys - Clarify (2015-08-15) clarify.io
AnyPresence moves beyond MBaaS and embraces API management (2015-08-18) www.diversity.net.nz
(2015-08-24) snip.ly
Making the Postman logo (2015-08-25) blog.getpostman.com
TIBCO Software to Acquire API Management Leader Mashery | The TIBCO Blog (2015-08-25) www.tibco.com
Interview with Readme.io Founder on the Future of API Documentation (2015-08-27) www.infoq.com
Dynamic Ingest API FAQ (2015-08-27) docs.brightcove.com
Help us build a better Google Cloud Platform (2015-08-28) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Improving Developer Experience With 3scale Partner API Changelog (2015-09-09) www.3scale.net
Introducing New APIs to Help Test Your Access Control Policies (2015-09-10) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Building A Developer Community Around An API: 2015 Developer Survey (2015-09-11) blog.paymill.com
Why API Providers Must Offer Solid API Documentation (2015-09-13) www.programmableweb.com
The first year of our API! (2015-09-14) blog.mendeley.com
Announcing Support for Google Cloud Platform (2015-09-23) www.nginx.com
?Microsoft Office 365 Unified API Preview Shows Advantages of API Betas (2015-10-20) www.programmableweb.com
HTML documentation for your API (2015-10-21) restlet.com
Mozilla Launches Open Source Support Program | The Mozilla Blog (2015-10-26) blog.mozilla.org
Twitter experimentation: technical overview (2015-11-06) blog.twitter.com
AWS Podcasts ? Convox, FundersClub, Pachyderm, and Runscope (2015-12-07) aws.amazon.com
The Utopia of API Documentation (2015-12-07) blog.smartbear.com
DPLA Workshop: Introduction to DPLA?s Application Programming Interface, February 11, 2016, 3:30 PM Eastern (2015-12-10) dp.la
Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation (2015-12-10) launchany.com
Microsoft Extends Azure API Management Services to Third Party Integration (2015-12-12) www.programmableweb.com
Our New Developer Portal is Now Live (2015-12-15) www.fullcontact.com
Overview of Apps.com Review process (2015-12-15) developer.intuit.com
The Slack Platform Launch (2015-12-15) slackhq.com
Slack introduces $80M developer fund and extensive app directory (2015-12-15) thenextweb.com
Slack hits 2M daily active users, launches third-party App Directory, $80M developer fund (2015-12-15) venturebeat.com
AWS Podcasts ? Compgun, Primadesk, SkinnyPrice, and Cameron Peron (2015-12-15) aws.amazon.com
Enable GitHub Authentication For Your Developer Portal (2015-12-15) www.3scale.net
Pitfalls of public roadmaps (2015-12-16) www.magnolia-cms.com
GitHub and Udacity team up to offer three Ruby nanodegrees (2015-12-16) venturebeat.com
AWS Trusted Advisor Update ? New and Updated Checks (2015-12-16) aws.amazon.com
Register now for the March 2016 Display Ads API Workshops (2015-12-16) googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com
Document-API-topia (API Days Paris 2015) (2015-12-16) apihandyman.io
Sharesight API Changelog (2015-12-16) www.apichangelog.com
Google Developers Blog: Our new global program for Developer Agencies (2015-12-17) googledevelopers.blogspot.com
Measuring Management and Orchestration (2015-12-19) lorimacvittie.sys-con.com
Google Updates Include My Business API and Calendar Resource API (2015-12-20) www.programmableweb.com
7 Steps to Successful Developer Onboarding (2015-12-21) www.programmableweb.com
Error 451 is the new Ray Bradbury-inspired HTTP code for online censorship (2015-12-21) www.pcworld.com
Announcing the API Composition Three-Part Webinar Series (2016-01-04) strongloop.com
Presentation: ASBs API journey (2016-01-04) www.infoq.com
Visually explore funnels of user activities (2016-01-05) blog.twitter.com
Getting Started with the API (2016-01-06) developer.wordpress.com
Getting Started With the IBM Watson Ecosystem (2016-01-07) developer.ibm.com
Indix Product API Documentation Enhancements (2016-01-07) www.indix.com
API Spotlight: Copper (2016-01-07) blog.octopart.com
ICYMI: New Watson APIs in 2015 (2016-01-07) blog.alchemyapi.com
New Alexa Skills Kit Template: Build a Trivia Skill in under an Hour (2016-01-08) developer.amazon.com
Quickstart Guide to the Runscope API (2016-01-08) blog.runscope.com
Bad API documentation: Why, and what you can do about it (2016-01-08) cloudrail.com
What can APISpark bring to your existing Web APIs implemented with Node (2016-01-12) restlet.com
OneNote API throttling and how to avoid it (2016-01-12) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Presentation: API Management ? A Governmental Perspective (2016-01-12) www.infoq.com
Azure API Management Resources (2016-01-13) www.bizcoder.com
API Best Practices: API Management (2016-01-18) dzone.com
How do I Provide a List of Certified Applications to My API Ecosystem Partners (2016-01-20) dzone.com
The Slack App Directory Checklist (2016-01-20) medium.com
Let?s Talk About Developer Experience (DX) Design (2016-01-22) dzone.com
API Industry Standards and Regulatory Requirements (2016-01-22) developer.ibm.com
Lockr Key Management Service for Drupal and WordPress Now Available (2016-01-26) www.programmableweb.com
How MYOB Has Implemented Their API Strategy (2016-01-27) www.programmableweb.com
Manage and Monitor Apache Web Servers From Cloud (2016-01-27) dzone.com
New DreamFactory 2.0 Tutorial Videos (2016-01-27) blog.dreamfactory.com
Download Lockr for your CMS | Lockr.io (2016-01-28) lockr.io
How to Separate Your AWS Production and Dev Accounts (2016-01-31) dzone.com
API management: 5 reasons it can boost your business (2016-02-10) tfmainsights.com
Importance Of Thinking Externally When Writing The Description For Your API (2016-02-11) blog.apiware.io
Announcing Weekly Alexa Developer Office Hours (2016-02-12) developer.amazon.com
AWS Webinars for February Early March 2016 (2016-02-16) aws.amazon.com
Getting Started with QuickBooks? Five Insights From Your Fellow App Developers (2016-02-16) developer.intuit.com
Amazon API Gateway Available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region (2016-02-16) aws.amazon.com
Why Github#039;s Scientist 1.0 Could Be Great for API Versioning (2016-02-17) www.programmableweb.com
Introducing IBM API Connect (2016-02-17) strongloop.com
Fujitsu RunMyProcess to Expand Usability of Platform with APIs powered by Restlet (2016-02-22) restlet.com
3 Things Nobody Told You About API Development (2016-02-23) blog.runscope.com
How Spotify#039;s Poor API Hygiene Broke a Bunch of Hardware and Software (2016-02-23) www.programmableweb.com
Re-Publishing Your API(s) (2016-02-24) www.apiman.io
Get a Headstart on Your Apps with Application Starter Kits (2016-02-24) blog.alchemyapi.com
Apiman 1.2 ? Improvements to Plugin Management (2016-02-25) dzone.com
Commerce Department launches new suite of open data tutorials (2016-03-02) sunlightfoundation.com
Every cloud has an API lining (2016-03-03) blogs.ca.com
Your strategy?s last message to developers ? Medium (2016-03-03) medium.com
Run OpenShift console on port 443 (2016-03-09) blog.openshift.com
Extending the Prototyping Capabilities of WSO2 API Manager (2016-03-09) dzone.com
Simply having APIs is not enough (2016-03-10) blogs.ca.com
Managing teams and API sharing in APISpark (2016-03-10) restlet.com
Launching a Pingdom community (2016-03-10) royal.pingdom.com
The Definitive Guide to API Management (2016-03-17) pages.apigee.com
How to Secure Kong Admin (2016-03-18) apiplug.com
Tutorials from Twilio ? The new documentation experience from Twilio. (2016-03-21) www.twilio.com
API Connect Has Arrived! (2016-03-22) strongloop.com
Creating an IP-based rate-limiter with Tyk and JavaScript middleware (2016-03-24) tyk.io
Version 1.2.3.Final of apiman is released! (2016-03-24) www.apiman.io
Apiman 1.2 - Introduction to User Roles in apiman (2016-03-28) www.apiman.io
Four Key API Management Use Cases for the Enterprise (2016-03-28) www.slideshare.net
Announcing a Change to Best Buy?s API Access (2016-03-30) medium.com
Best Buy API Access Policy Change Requires Company-Based Email (2016-03-31) www.programmableweb.com
Build APIs With JustAPIs And Manage Them With 3scale (2016-03-31) www.3scale.net
Covering Your Assets: Data Encryption in API Management (2016-04-13) www.apiman.io
Hitch wants to help you grow and manage your API community (2016-04-14) techcrunch.com
App Directory Spotlight ? Tomatobot, Intro and RSS Fox (2016-04-15) medium.com
Featured Video: The Complete API Lifecycle with Arrow and API Management (2016-04-15) www.appcelerator.com
QuickBooks Certification and Training programs (2016-04-18) developer.intuit.com
Have You Seen Bronto?s New and Improved Developer Site? (2016-04-20) blog.bronto.com
Deploy to WildFly and Docker From IntelliJ Using Management API (2016-04-20) dzone.com
Understanding APIs: misery to mastery (2016-04-21) techblog.workiva.com
Building a Better Developer Community: DevRelCon Takeaways (2016-04-22) www.jwplayer.com
Slack Review ? Worlds largest collection of Slack apps (2016-04-25) www.slackreview.com
Inaugural developer relations survey (2016-05-03) blog.devrel.net
3scale Adds Stormpath Integration to Its Industry Leading API Platform (2016-05-03) www.3scale.net
How We Use Neo4j to Manage Microservices at Veneto Banca (2016-05-03) dzone.com
What Does a Good API Look Like? A Review Of Slack (2016-05-10) dzone.com
Better Marketing With Channel Integration and API Management (2016-05-11) dzone.com
API Providers and Consumers Keeping in Touch Is How You Can Set the Right Tone for an API Community (2016-05-12) dzone.com
Do You Want API Billing Data Via API? (2016-05-12) everydeveloper.com
Integrate Tyk with Auth0 (2016-05-17) tyk.io
Developer Tutorial - Building a Secure Onboarding App with Box Platform (2016-05-17) www.box.com
TIBCO Now Day 1?Focusing on the Cloud, APIs, and API Management (2016-05-17) www.tibco.com
Getting creative with Postmark?s status API (2016-05-19) postmarkapp.com
TIBCO Now Day 3?The Nitty Gritty of Implementing an API Program (2016-05-19) www.tibco.com
Developer Experience (DX) ? Devs Are People Too (2016-05-20) dzone.com
5 Items to Consider When Refactoring an API (2016-05-20) dzone.com
3scale?s nginx-based API Gateway Now Available As Docker Image On Red Hat OpenShift (2016-05-23) www.3scale.net
3scale Announces Dockerized API Gateway for Red Hat Openshift (2016-05-24) dzone.com
Introducing The New Box Developer Experience (2016-05-24) www.box.com
Introducing Echosim.io ? A New Online Tool Built by the Community, for the Community (2016-05-27) developer.amazon.com
3scale Releases API Gateway for Red Hat OpenShift (2016-05-27) www.devsworld.com
Web Based Kong API Gateway Manager (2016-06-02) apiplug.com
API Platform: More than Just API Management (2016-06-10) www.tibco.com
OpenShift Ecosystem: API Management on Red Hat OpenShift with 3scale (2016-06-10) blog.openshift.com
The Importance of API Management to Hybrid Clouds (2016-06-14) dzone.com
5 Signs of Managed Platform Entropy (2016-06-14) dzone.com
Have You Seen Fishbowl?s New Integration Pages? (2016-06-15) www.fishbowlinventory.com
Getting Started with Azure API Management REST API (2016-06-17) videos.dabcc.com
Simply Having APIs Is Not Enough (2016-06-19) dzone.com
QuickBooks Connect 2016: Planning Checklist for Developers (2016-06-20) developer.intuit.com
Red Hat to Acquire API Management Leader 3scale (2016-06-22) www.3scale.net
Red Hat acquires API management firm 3scale, posts Q1 results (2016-06-22) newsinfilm.com
Red Hat to Acquire 3scale (2016-06-23) www.enterprisetech.com
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If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.