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These are the organizations I am tracking on as part of my API research in this area.


3Scale provides plugandplay as well as enterprise level API management services 3Scale is similar to 3Scale connect is a starter platform with a freemium model for delivering your API You can deploy at no cost and payasyougo based upon the volume of calls made on your API This model is well suited to those who are not sure of their API business model or target audience mdash or are just looking to test the waters


Akanarsquos formerly SOA Software platform helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels ndash mobile cloud and Internet of Things Akana enables enterprises to share data as APIs connect and integrate applications drive partner adoption monetize their assets and provide intelligent insights into their business and operations

API Umbrella

API Umbrella is an open source API management platform for exposing web service APIs The basic goal of API Umbrella is to make life easier for both API creators and API consumers API Umbrella is a proxy that sits in front of your APIs It can seamlessly add common functionality like api keys rate limiting and analytics to any API


ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network in front of your APIs and manages things that you shouldnt have to like rate limiting authentication and caching Its fast open and easy to configure nbspApiAxle is different to the cloud based services such as Mashery in that itrsquos intended to be installed within your LAN and be managed by you This means you own your users you own your data and you can more easily manage costs ApiAxle is opensource This means you can modify it as much as you like and contribute changes back Others will do the same and gradually the system will become all the better for it


Apify is a small and powerful open source library that delivers new levels of developer productivity by simplifying the creation of RESTful architectures It helps development teams deliver quality web services and applications in reduced amounts of time nbspWeb services are a great way to extend your application however adding a web API to an existing web application can be a tedious and timeconsuming task Apify takes certain common patterns found in most web services and abstract them so that you can quickly write web APIs without having to write too much code


Apigee is a provider of API technology and services for enterprises and developers Providing a range of solutions from entry level tools for exploring APIs with a console and navigating OAuth to enterprise tools for managing OAuth Keys and platform for driving developer adoption while understanding usage managing traffic and scaling an API platform nbspApigee provides solutions for enterprises like Comcast GameSpy TransUnion Interactive Guardian Life and Constant Contact and thousands of developers use Apigees technologyApigee provides resources to help you understand best practices avoid common pitfalls develop your strategy and learn to drive your developer community Apigee also provides articles white papers and other resources to help you deliver your API

APIMetrics Stats

APImetrics builds on 3 years experience gained working on the challenge of API abstraction and management that is critical to every App and Web Service in use today nbspBy combining elements gained from API management tools and authentication technologies APImetrics have been able to build the first complete endtoend API performance test solution nbspThis allows developers enterprises and API providers to model complex API scenarios and provide them with real time monitoring and alerts when things go wrong


Axway recently merged with Tumbleweed Communications to become the leading global provider of multienterprise solutions and infrastructure serving over 11000 organizations in more than 100 countries Axway provides professional and managed services as well as cloud computing and SoftwareasaService SaaS offerings

CA Layer7

Layer 7 is a leading provider of API security and governance for Service Oriented Web Oriented and Cloud Oriented integration nbspThrough our award winning line of SecureSpan and CloudSpan family of API gateways and management products Layer 7 is helping organizations control how they expose their data and applications to outside divisions partners mobile developers and cloud servicesFounded in 2003 Layer 7 operates in the US Canada and Europe Our customers include leading insurance banking telecom and government organizations The company is venture backed by leading Canadian and US investors

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi a business unit of Dell is the first and only integration solution built in the cloud to fully exploit the value of the cloud Organizations of all sizesmdashfrom small businesses to the largest global enterprisesmdashtrust Dell Boomi to quickly connect any combination of cloud and onpremises applications Leading SaaS players and enterprise customers such as salesforcecom NetSuite Taleo oneworld AAA and NASDAQ rely on Dell Boomi to accelerate time to market increase sales and eliminate the challenges associated with integration


An open source platform Design build and scale APIs for web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days 1 No boilerplate With one command your API is up and running Its an empty canvas waiting for you to add Resources No boilerplate code necessary 2 Resources Deployd APIs are built of plugandplay resources such as Collection which can easily be added and defined through the deployd dashboard 3 Dashboard Add and manage your APIs resources through an intuitive webbased dashboard 4 1step deploy When its time to deploy easily deploy it yourself anywhere that can host a Nodejs app and MongoDB


Dexy helps your code to speak for itself Show off your code with beautiful syntax highlighting Write examples and Dexy will run them inserting the output into any document you wish Everything is based on live code so updating is easy syntax errors blow up on you not your users and typos are a thing of the past With Dexys smart caching your code is only executed when it needs updating saving you time while keeping your documents robust


Exicon is the AppCycle management company that simplifies the creation deployment and management of mobile applications for some of the worlds biggest companies allowing them to accelerate their success in mobileThrough its proprietary AppCycle Management platform Exicon provides the services and tools to support customers in defining their application needs finding the best developers storing all components of the applications reaching the end users for your application and measuring its performance


Gluu provides open source authentication and API access management stack called the Gluu Server helps companies secure Web and mobile applications The Gluu Server leverages standards such as OAuth2 OpenID Connect UMA SAML 20 and SCIM to enable federated single signon SSO and trust elevation The Gluu Server is used by universities government agencies and companies to secure employee facing and consumer network services Deployed on one or more dedicated servers and the IaaS platform of your choice the Gluu Server improves the quality and drives down the cost of an increasingly complex and mission critical IT service authentication and authorization AA


IBMreg API Management solution provides a complete set of web API capabilities to help you extend services from the backoffice to new frontoffice engagements It offers flexible deployment options including capabilities for creating proxying assembling securing and scaling web APIs IBM API Management provides detailed analytics and operational metrics to the business owner as well as a customized developer portal for socializing the APIs and managing applications that can be used by developers

Mashape API Hub

Mashape provides tools that enable developers to quickly deliver and consume APIs and offers a marketplace for listing APIs nbspMashape provides tools for testing your API code for generation of custom errors components for user management and standardized API code language libraries in multiple languages nbspOnce your API is ready for prime time Mashape provides a marketplace for listing your API letting developers to easily discover and begin hacking with your API in a social API community environment


Masherys API management tools and strategic services help companies connect with customers and partners in a changing digital world by extending reach across devices markets and the Web Mashery leads the industry with a holistic approach for API initiatives ndash from setting platform strategy and measuring business objectives to the heavy lifting of providing and managing infrastructure to facilitating relationships with our 150000 strong network of Web and mobile application developers

Microsoft Azure

Simple and frictionless access for developers is key to the success of any API program Minimizing the time it takes for a new developer to complete a transaction with your API is crucial API Management generates great documentation and provides an interactive console that rapidly increases developer success

Monarch API Manager

An open source solution for quickly deploying managing and analyzing your APIs Manage partners APIs and internal access from an administrative GUI Control security policies and apply authorization at a granular level around your digital assets Capture and view realtime usage statistics across partners and APIs Create custom data via our Analytics API Use this data to derive business insights and drive monetization Allow users to share their data with applications using the OAuth 20 protocol Protect your customers sign in credentials Empower them to revoke applications at any time


MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and onpremise With the rise of cloud and mobile enterprises face a choice get overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of end points or seize the opportunity to gain competitive advantage Founded on the idea that connecting applications should not be hard MuleSoft lets organizations harness the power of their applications through integration MuleSoftrsquos Anypointtrade technology eliminates costly timeintensive pointtopoint integration enabling business agility

Nevatech Sentinet

Nevatech Sentinettrade is a flexible lightweight and scalable API management platform that promotes integration through the use of SOA standards It is designed to connect mediate and manage interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud If your organization uses internally or externallyfacing web services and APIs cloudbased infrastructure or serviceoriented architecture for your applications then you will find Sentinet to be a powerful tool which can be deployed rapidly and immediately start delivering tangible results


Repose is an opensource platform that you can use to build stacks of reusable software components These components can be leveraged by service developers to perform common API processing tasks By using Reposes components rather than creating their own service developers can focus on the unique features of their services Repose can be used inside a service to perform API operations It can also run on one or more separate servers as a proxy to one or more services At its core Repose is a proxy that allows services to use Enterprise Integration Patterns EIP

Project Overlord

Any computer system whether it is centralized or distributed needs some form of governance ie the act of monitoring and managing the system Such governance may be as simple as ensuring only authorized users have access to capabilities eg services or as complex as guaranteeing the system and its components maintain a level of availability or reliability in the presence of failures or increased system load Managing distributed systems has always been a critical aspect for users developers and administrators As those distributed systems grew in scope and scalability spanning multiple organizations with different infrastructures and trust boundaries governance became more difficult but even more important Governance deals with the processes by which a system operates In order to have successful governance some form of management monitoring and administration is required for these processes


ReadMe is a developer hub for your startup or code Its a completely customizable and collaborative place for documentation support key generation and more Dont waste your precious time reimplementing a devyourstartupcom If you have an API code library or affiliate program documentation is hard Users cant use your product without understanding it and most documentation on the Internet is lacking The goal of ReadMe is to make consuming APIs completely painless

REST United

Our mission is to help REST API providers easily create SDKs in different programming languages with easytofollow documentation and code samples while software developers can effortlessly consume the REST API by following the SDK installation instruction and using the code samples within minutes


APISpark is an nbspcloud API platform that lets you create host manage and use web APIs Using the Restlet Framework at its core APISpark simplifies the web API experience the time to market and the overall cost to get started and to scale you APIs nbspRestlet is a web API platform vendor pioneer of RESTful web APIs APISpark serves our customers around the world providing software to build web APIs which includes APISpark the PaaS version of Restlet nbspAPISpark lets you build and deploy your web APIs which includes the creation hosting and managementall in one solution


The easiest way to generate SDKs REST API clients PHP Python Ruby ActionScript Flash C Andorid ObjectiveC Scala Java Highly customizable documentationwith easytofollow example code The current beta version is completely Free and we would love to hear feedback from you to improve our products


SDKSIO is at heart a store for SDKs allowing people to create their own download other SDKs and most importantly search through our database of SDKs We automatically look through existing API repositories including Mashape to bring you a comprehensive list of the SDK world


Sensedia solutions help companies accelerate the integration between their internal applications and to carry vital data value chain partners to deal with security and control With deep expertise and sensational tools for SOA Serviceoriented Architecture and APIs Application Programming Interfaces many companies reduced from months to days the time needed to integrate with a new business partner or to connect applications that support business processes


SlashDB connects your internal databases and constructs a RESTHTTP web service easily making database content accessible by URLs for getting updating inserting and deleting in a secure way nbspSlashDB provides connectors for Microsoft SQL Server Oracle MySQL PostGreSQL IBM DB2 and Sybasecovering the top 5 databases you will find in the enterprise or small to medium businessesSlashDB automatically turns databases into online resource so their content becomes accessible to authorized web mobile and enterprise applications for reading and writing under standard data formats Technically speaking it makes REST APIs out of relational databases


Socrata is the leading developer and provider of Open Data Services a category of cloudbased Web 20 solutions that enable federal state and local governments to dramatically improve the reach usability and social utility of their public information assets nbspThe Socrata Social Data Platformtrade is a turnkey information delivery platform that reduces lifecycle management costs for government customers while boosting their ability to disseminate relevant information and datadriven services to a wide range of audiences including citizens civic application developers researchers journalists and internal stakeholders


StrikeIron is the leader in DataasaService DaaS delivering data quality and communications solutions via our cloud platform IronCloud We provide address verification email verification phone validation phone append SMS text messaging and sales tax solutions to customers in a variety of markets Our solutions are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system Additionally our solutions are preintegrated into leading platforms like Salesforcecom Magento Informatica Oracle CRM OnDemand and morenbsp


StrongLoop is based in San Mateo CA and employs over 30 developers working with Nodejs StrongLoop develops StrongLoop Suite a leading Mobile API Tier along with being the primary code contributor to Nodejs StrongLoop Suite includes an open source private mBaaS an operations console and a supported package of Nodejs containing advanced debugging clustering and support for private npm registries StrongLoop was founded by Node corecontributors Enterprise mobile architects and veterans of open source and Could companies StrongLoop is backed by Ignition Partners and Shasta Ventures and includes Marten Mickos CEO of Eucalyptus previously MySQL as an advisor


SwiftIQ provides webservice application programming interface API infrastructure to facilitate data accessibility and predictive analytics through the Swift Access and Swift Predictions products Swift Access is an awardwinning backend platform to unify and secure disconnected data then deliver and analyze it ondemand to power realtime digital actions Swift Predictions allows users to apply adaptive machine learning algorithms to discover insights fast and make applications smarter The Company was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Chicago IL

TIBCO Software

TIBCO Software Inc NASDAQ TIBX is a provider of infrastructure software for companies to use onpremise or as part of cloud computing environments Whether its optimizing claims processing trades crossselling products based on realtime customer behavior or averting a crisis before it happens TIBCO provides companies the twosecond advantagetrade mdash the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage More than 4000 customers worldwide rely on TIBCO to manage information decisions processes and applications in real time Learn more at wwwtibcocom


An open source lightweight fast and scalable API Gateway Set rate limiting request throttling and autorenewing request quotas to manage how your users access your API Tyk supports access tokens HMAC request signing basic authentication and OAuth 20 to integrate old and new services easily Tyk can record and store detailed analytics which can be segmented by user error endpoint and client ID across multiple APIs and versions Integrate your existing or new applications with Tyk using a simple REST API Tyk even support hotreloads so you can introduce new services without downtime

Varnish Software

Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Cache a widely trusted open source web accelerator significantly enhancing web performance for businesses online We power major sites across all industry typesmdashfor businesses such as Nikon Transport for London and Vimeo as well as more than 18 million websites worldwide Varnish Plus is our commercial suite offering products for scalability customization monitoring and expert support services


WaveMaker Inc provides WaveMaker Enterprise ndash An aPaaS software for rapid application delivery of enterprise custom apps WaveMaker Enterprise provides benefits such as visual rapid application development out of the box support for security web services integration and data modelling high performance cloud platform based on Docker containers a self service management console that provides simplified administration and many more such features


WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purposebuilt as an integrated platform to support todayrsquos heterogeneous enterprise environments internally and in the cloud WSO2rsquos service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them