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Establishing A Common API Definition That API Management Providers Can Use

I mentioned the concept of what I call API building blocks coming to life by API service providers yesterday. These are the features provided from API service providers that are made accessible via APIs. Mind blowing right? API service providers having APIs? Which then allows API providers to programmatically manage the operations of their own APIs? Who would have ever thought!! Actually it is a pretty clear example of API service providers who are kind of full of it, when they do not offer their own APIs--meaning they are telling you about the importance of APIs, but not actually practicing what they preach. It is kind of like API providers who do not use their own APIs in their applications (dogfooding).

Anyhoo. I have done a lot of work to define the common building blocks across API service providers, spanning over 17 stops along the API lifecycle, and part of the next phase of my research is to connect these building blocks to actual API definitions that can help automate these vital API features. First up, I took the 3Scale API, and generated this list of common building blocks represented in the API for their API infrastructure.



Authorization + Reporting

Account Management

Application Management

User Management


Service Management

Billing Management


I've been using a subset of the 3Scale API management API definition as my standard blueprint for other API providers should follow, for a while now. All API providers should have an API for base API account management--meaning your API consumers should be able to manage their accounts, services, apps, and billing via an API. This will be a differentiation between API providers in the near future, and if you aren't up to speed, developers will be looking elsewhere.

This portion of my work is in response to a group of open source API management providers looking to encourage interoperability between their platforms, and what better way to do this than a common API management definition. While not all API management solutions will have exactly the same features, if they can speak a common, API defined language, the better off the entire API space will be.

This is something I want to encourage across all 17+ of the API service areas I track on. I'm going to take a look at API monitoring, and also try to generate a common outline from definition across some of the service providers I track on. I'm using API definitions to generate these outlines, and potentially merging across multiple API service providers. If you are one of the API service providers I track on, and have an API definition, make sure I have link so I can include in thi sportion of my research.