Providing Faculty Access To Campus APIs

University faculty and administrators are increasingly depending on technology to do their job. As institutions continue to require staff to use common systems like the Learning Management System (LMS), and the Student Information System (SIS), contact, content, document, media, and a variety of other systems, they need to also understand the importance ensuring that all systems enable feature, setting, content and data portability that can be introduced by using APIs.

APIs could be as simple as allowing a teacher to custom pull a student roster for a course in a different way than the student information system will allow, or using APIs could be part of a larger research project, allowing a distributed group of researchers to work on a single document or even database via APIs. APIs are often right below the surface on many of the systems faculty and administrators are already depending on for their job, and it would not take much to make these existing APIs available in a way that allows staff to use across multiple channels including the web, mobile, single page applications, spreadsheets, as well as across external data analysis and visualization tools.