Management Blog Posts From API Evangelist

These are the blog items I've written over the last decade when it comes to my Management resarch, providing the short form of my research across the API industry.

You can find all of the blog posts I have written over at the main API Evangelist site, these are mean to just be for providing easy access to what I've written when it comes to Management.

Curated Management News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Management conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Decore Uses Rockset for Search & Analytics on DynamoDB (08-22-2019)
Splunk Moves into Microservices Monitoring with SignalFX Acquisition (08-21-2019)
Google Docs 'live edits' feature helps the visually impaired (08-21-2019)
Facebook will use humans to curate its News Tab (08-20-2019)
API 101: What even is an API? (08-18-2019)
Matt Klein on Envoy Mobile, Platform Complexity, and a Universal Data Plane API for Proxies (08-09-2019)
WSO2 API Manager and Apache Reverse Proxy (08-02-2019)
How Workarounds Reveal the True Needs of Your API Consumers (08-01-2019)
API Management: Additional Considerations (07-31-2019)
Developers and API Management (07-30-2019)
The Future of API Management (07-26-2019)
Tom's Tech Notes: API Management Essentials and Use Cases (07-26-2019)
Karhoo Hails Kong as its API Vendor of Choice (07-25-2019)
YouTube drafting creator (07-11-2019)
APIdays Expert talksMartin Buhr: The Dark Side of Managing APIs as a Product (06-29-2019)
Natural Language Processing, APIs, and Classification in Python, A Project Walkthrough (04-06-2019)
Kong Applies Machine Learning to Microservice Management (04-01-2019)
Mocking API Requests with Jest (02-08-2019)
Interacting With Shopifys Rate (02-01-2019)
New API Management Solution from NGINX Optimized for Internal and External APIs (01-31-2019)
API Fortress plug (01-31-2019)
Dynamically extend and patch Tyk using native plugins (01-31-2019)
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) vs. API Management (01-31-2019)
Microsoft Announces Preview of OpenAPI Specification V3 in Azure API Management (01-29-2019)
Evolution and growth of APIs. How building and managing APIs has changed over the years. (01-29-2019)
Integrating Kong & ForgeRock (01-25-2019)
Announcing API usage tracking (01-23-2019)
API requests at scale: Rate (01-23-2019)
SD Times news digest: NGINX API Management Module, GitHub Enterprise, and K2 acquires K2NE (01-23-2019)
January 2019 Product Update: New Integrations & APIs by PagerDuty (01-23-2019)
Announcing the preview of OpenAPI Specification v3 support in Azure API Management (01-23-2019)
Configuration management for serverless AWS applications (01-22-2019)
Announcing General Availability of the NGINX API Management Solution (01-22-2019)
Integration Key to Experience: API Management Details (Part 4) (01-21-2019)
LogicMonitor Shifts to Kubernetes Monitoring (01-17-2019)
Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just a Harmless MemeRight? (01-15-2019)
Kong Brain and Kong Immunity Released! (01-14-2019)
WebSockets & API Gateway (01-09-2019)
A Tour of Kongs Routing Capabilities (01-08-2019)
Should You Build An API Gateway In (01-08-2019)
My experience trying to hide some API Keys in Android (01-06-2019)
Moesif raises $3.5M seed round to provide insight into API usage (01-04-2019)
APIs are the thing that gets us to the thing (01-02-2019)
Kong with Terraform: A Field of Dreams (12-26-2018)
grpc (12-25-2018)
Kong 1.0 is now generally available (12-21-2018)
Kong 1.0 is now generally available with gRPC support, updated Database abstraction object and ... (12-21-2018)
Kong, manage your Flask APIs! (12-20-2018)
Integration of API management details (Part 4) (12-20-2018)
Introducing Color Themes: A New Way to Help Your Data Shine (12-19-2018)
API Management for midsize businesses: What you need to know! (12-19-2018)
Instana announces new tracing capabilities (12-06-2018)
5 Ways To Hack An API (And How To Defend) (11-22-2018)
Security Best Practices for Managing API Access Tokens (11-21-2018)
Software AG Launches webMethods B2B Cloud, a New Partner Integration (11-19-2018)
Design patterns for modern web APIs (11-18-2018)
With APIs, Dealing with Bad Bots is the Cost of Success (11-14-2018)
How Do You Ensure API Quality? (11-09-2018)
The Craft of API Product Management: Part 1 (11-06-2018)
Software AG Named a Leader in New API Management Solutions Report (11-05-2018)
Axway a Strong Performer The Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 (11-02-2018)
3 Reasons Why API Management Is Dead (11-02-2018)
5 fundamental steps of managing APIs (11-02-2018)
List of Top Five Popular API Management Platforms (11-01-2018)
How can you design, deploy and manage your APIs? (11-01-2018)
Introducing API Metrics (10-31-2018)
Open API 3.0 Support In WSO2 API Manager (10-29-2018)
Use API (10-24-2018)
This Is How We Kong (10-22-2018)
kong api gateway with docker (10-13-2018)
AWS CloudFormation Getting Started for Beginners (09-21-2018)
Kong Crushes API Orchestration Challenges (09-19-2018)
Enterprise iPaaS and API Management (09-18-2018)
Kong 1.0 Debuts Providing Open Source API Platform for Cloud Native Applications (09-18-2018)
Kong 1.0 launches: the only open source API platform specifically built for microservices, cloud, and serverless (09-18-2018)
Tesla extends battery range for cars in path of tropical storm Florence (09-14-2018) APIM 1.19 (09-14-2018)
[DZone Research] API Management: RESTful APIs and Data Exchange Formats (09-13-2018)
TIBCO Brings More Intelligence to the Cloud (09-10-2018)
Roundup of API Platforms and Specifications (08-31-2018)
Researchers show Alexa skill squatting could hijack voice commands (08-30-2018)
How to use AWS Secrets Manager to rotate credentials for all Amazon RDS database types, including Oracle (08-29-2018)
You can now apply to get a verified badge on Instagram heres how (08-28-2018)
API Team Best Practices: Curating a World (08-28-2018)
Unlocking the Power of Automatic Service Endpoint Monitoring (08-28-2018)
Twitter suspends more accounts for engaging in coordinated manipulation (08-27-2018)
Enabling Tracing with Zipkin Kong CE 0.14.1 Feature Highlight (08-27-2018)
23andMe to Shutter Public API, Gives Developers Two Weeks Notice (08-24-2018)
API Management: Comparative Views of Real (08-24-2018)
23andMe Makes Changes to API Policy for Third (08-24-2018)
23andMe shuts down API (08-24-2018)
A simple example of rate limiting API requests with Redis and Laravel (08-23-2018)
It took Facebook months to ban this shady app after Cambridge Analytica (08-23-2018)
It turns out Russia isnt the only country turning Facebook and Twitter against us (08-23-2018)
Facebook audit leads to the suspension of 400 apps (08-22-2018)
Facebook bans first app since Cambridge Analytica, myPersonality, and suspends hundreds more (08-22-2018)
Voxxed Days Microservices: David Schmitz on Tips for Failing at Microservices (08-18-2018)
iOS Twitter client Leaf joins others as it announces end of life due to Twitter API changes (08-17-2018)
On Twitters Crackdown Against Developers (08-17-2018)
API Talk: The compass for Micro services and API Management! (08-17-2018)
Twitter shutters legacy APIs and borks third (08-17-2018)
Twitter destroys outside apps again by killing the API most of them use (08-16-2018)
Twitter Kneecaps the Developers Who Built It (08-16-2018)
Twitter officially kills off key features in third (08-16-2018)
Tweetbot & Twitterrific remove features no longer available as Twitter rolls out API updates (08-16-2018)
Twitter's relationship with third (08-16-2018)
Shining a Brighter Light on Facebook Pages (08-10-2018)
API Management For Kafka (08-10-2018)
What is the future of API Management? (08-08-2018)
Stoplight v4.4 Release (08-03-2018)
PB Data Services Releases DIY Portal Data Append API Web Services (08-03-2018)
Building a Static Website on Amazon S3 With Microservices (08-02-2018)
Manipulating scoped properties in Prototyped APIs in WSO2 API Manager (08-02-2018)
Facebook launches Digital Literacy Library to help young people use the internet responsibly (08-02-2018)
Facebook cuts off access to API platform for 'hundreds of thousands' of inactive apps (08-02-2018)
Facebook cuts off 'hundreds of thousands' of apps in new review process (08-01-2018)
New Tools to Manage Your Time on Facebook and Instagram (08-01-2018)
API Management Market The Rising Need For The Governance and A Life (07-31-2018)
The API Ecosystem: Critical to Your Digital Transformation (07-31-2018)
VA releases Lighthouse 'API (07-30-2018)
Managing microservices and APIs with Kong and Konga (07-20-2018)
WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell: Ballerina and the End of Middleware (07-18-2018)
Building an API Gateway with the Ballerina Programming Language (07-18-2018)
My API Lifecycle Checklist and Scorecard (07-13-2018)
Google gives Apigee more API control and visibility capabilities (07-13-2018)
Tyk 2.7: An API Gateway Odyssey (07-12-2018) APIM 1.18 (07-11-2018) APIM 1.18 (07-11-2018) APIM 1.18 (07-11-2018)
This is bonkers: FCC wants to stop reviewing most complaints about ISPs (07-11-2018)
API Platform 2.3: Major Perf Improvement, API evolution/deprecation, Better Dev Tools and Much More! (07-06-2018)
Announcing Kong CE 0.14.0 including Zipkin, Prometheus, and More! (07-05-2018)
Welcome to the New Filestack Developer Portal (07-03-2018)
Using ES2017 async/await feature to work around rate limited APIs (06-29-2018)
Tool: How to set up an API Key on Huobi (06-29-2018)
Configure an External Identity Provider for Single Sign (06-29-2018)
Increasing Observability of Microservices (06-29-2018)
Tool: How to set up an API Key on KuCoin (06-28-2018)
Google Search Indexing API (06-28-2018)
Google Updates Play Store API Target Requirements (06-26-2018)
WSO2 API Manager Microgateway (06-25-2018)
DZone Research: Keys to API Management (06-01-2018)
API Management Market The Rising Need For The Governance and A Life (06-01-2018)
How to Record HTTP/HTTPS Traffic With mitmproxy (05-31-2018)
Increasing the Resilience of APIs with Chaos Engineering (05-20-2018)
What is API Rate Limiting All About? (05-16-2018)
Red Hat Summit: Functions as a Service with OpenWhisk and OpenShift (05-16-2018)
How a New API Can Cause So Much Havoc (05-15-2018)
Gzip/deflate content from AWS API Gateway using Serverless (05-14-2018)
Favstar Destroyer: Twitter API hostility claims another service (05-14-2018)
The API Economy The Why, What, and How (05-11-2018)
CA Technologies named a leader for sixth consecutive time in Gartner Magic Quadrant for full life cycle API management (05-02-2018)
API Gateway a Rapidly Changing Landscape (05-02-2018)
WhatsApp cofounder leaves following Cambridge Analytica scandal (04-30-2018)
Extending the Message Flow of APIs (04-27-2018)
The Importance of the Facebook Search API to Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (04-26-2018)
Getting Started with Apigee API Management (04-25-2018)
3scale API Owners Manual (04-20-2018)
Audit clears Facebook despite Cambridge Analytica leaks (04-20-2018)
Guest View: Move fast and fix things: It's time for an API audit (04-12-2018)
Introducing the Axway Community Portal (04-12-2018)
Users review API management tools (04-12-2018)
5 myths of API security (04-09-2018)
Rotate Amazon RDS database credentials automatically with AWS Secrets Manager (04-05-2018)
Introducing the AMPLIFY Developer Portal (04-02-2018)
Five API management mistakes to avoid (04-02-2018)
Architecting API Management Solutions With WSO2 API Manager, Part 2 (03-31-2018)
Architecting API Management Solutions With WSO2 API Manager, Part 1 (03-30-2018)
Enterprise DevOps: Move to Self (03-30-2018)
Integration Roundup: API Management (03-29-2018)
Tyk Developer Licences connecting more of the world (03-28-2018)
Separating Control and Data Planes in Kong (03-27-2018)
Tyk on Tour: Bringing API education to a city near you (03-26-2018)
How to manage API development teams with WSO2 API Manager (03-24-2018)
Salesforce's MuleSoft acquisition shows API management appeal (03-23-2018)
Explaining API Management to a lay man (03-18-2018)
Introducing Skaffold: Easy and repeatable Kubernetes development (03-16-2018)
APIs inside the enterprise (03-15-2018)
Load (03-15-2018)
Announcing the Remote Config REST API (03-13-2018)
San Francisco Meetup on Kong and Kubernetes (03-12-2018)
Announcing new Stackdriver pricing visibility for less (03-12-2018)
WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0 Cheat Sheet (03-11-2018)
In the wake of fraudulent comments, revises API policy (03-09-2018)
Microservices for Startups: An Interview with Mike Hu of LogDNA (03-09-2018)
Apigee Up Close: Protecting APIs with OWASP Best Practices (03-09-2018)
Understand service discovery in microservice (03-09-2018)
API proxy or gateway? (03-08-2018)
Announcing a new tutorial hub (03-08-2018)
Announcing Gloo: The Function Gateway Medium (03-06-2018)
API Management with WSO2 API Manager (03-03-2018)
What benefits does your company bring to API management? (03-02-2018)
Why use new lifecycle tools in API management platforms? (03-02-2018)
Why Cloud APIs on GCP is Awesome by leveraging Apigee? (02-25-2018)
Microservices Authentication and Authorization Using API Gateway (02-23-2018)
Accelerate your API delivery process (02-23-2018)
Self (02-22-2018)
Forge: DigitalOcean API Tokens / Teams (02-21-2018)
Autodesk: Enabling New Revenue with the Apigee Platform (02-09-2018)
ARK Core 2 Technical Update Series New API v2 (02-09-2018)
Removing barriers to API adoption, for everyone (01-17-2018)
Kong CE 0.12.0 released (01-16-2018)
Freemium vs Free Trial vs Hybrid Customer Acquisition Models in SaaS: (01-15-2018)
Beyond the Buzz: API Management Theory vs. Implementation (01-12-2018)
KPIs for APIs: 12 Key Metrics for API Programs (01-09-2018)
API First Approach and API Management With Swagger (01-09-2018)
Just in time for the New Year: New mobile releases from CA API Management (12-28-2017)
Integrating API Management into your organisation: an introduction to Tyk Plugins (12-21-2017)
Kong CE 0.12.0rc1 now available for testing (12-20-2017)
Telefnica Selects CA Technologies for API Management (12-19-2017)
How to Design a Scalable Rate Limiting Algorithm (12-19-2017)
KPIs for APIs: Avoiding Bad KPIs (12-19-2017)
3scale Developer Portal signup flows (12-18-2017)
Why Apigee is Awesome (12-14-2017)
Stripe API Rate Limit (12-13-2017)
New Azure management and cost savings capabilities (12-13-2017)
KPIs for APIs: Why They Matter (12-12-2017)
Telefonica using CA Technologies software for API management (12-12-2017)
WSO2 API Manager Managing Back (12-10-2017)
Using Kong with Kubernetes (12-09-2017)
Patreons fee change punishes supporters who make small pledges (12-08-2017)
Microsoft Spotlights Tools and Partner Solutions for Kubernetes on Azure (12-08-2017)
AWS Serverless Application Model Template for Lambda Function proxied by API Gateway (12-07-2017)
How to Get Scopes Related with an Application Based on Subscribed APIs in WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0? (12-06-2017)
Kong meets Auth0 Scaleout Ninja (12-05-2017)
Pricing (12-04-2017)
Understanding WSO2 API Manager Deployment Patterns (12-04-2017)
5 things to do before taking your private API public (12-04-2017)
Credential Management API (12-01-2017)
Salsa Labs Relaunches Partner Program, Unveils Developer API to Enable Digital Agencies to Better Serve Nonprofits (11-30-2017)
Kubernetes vs. Amazon ECS (11-29-2017)
Designing KPIs for APIs and Digital Programs: A Comprehensive Guide (11-29-2017)
AWS Systems Manager A Unified Interface for Managing Your Cloud and Hybrid Resources (11-29-2017)
Kong CE 0.11.2 released (11-29-2017)
Pitney Bowes: Building the Commerce Cloud with Apigee (11-29-2017)
Enterprise API management defined (11-28-2017)
APIs to Control Your API Management (11-27-2017)
New Interactive AWS Cost Explorer API (11-22-2017)
OAuth2 Configuration in 3Scale API Management (and APICast) with Red Hat SSO (11-22-2017)
API Management HTTP 2 Support (11-21-2017)
Rate Limiting Serverless Apps Two Patterns (11-21-2017)
Buckle up! Tyk Gateway v2.4 (and more) is here! (11-20-2017)
Rethinking API Management Architecture (11-19-2017)
CA Technologies Leverages Samsung SDS Nexsign for API Management Security (11-16-2017)
Webpack Set API Keys Depending On Environment (11-16-2017)
Axway announces enhancements to its AMPLIFY platform (11-15-2017)
Developers are users too Introduction (11-15-2017)
Twitter launches lower (11-14-2017)
Twitter launches new paid API plans and makes it easier for devs to check their usage (11-14-2017)
Twitter launches new paid API plans and makes it easier for devs to check their usage (11-14-2017)
Twitter launches new paid API plans and makes it easier for devs to check their usage (11-14-2017)
The WSO2 Impact (11-12-2017)
Say Hello To Our Newest AWS Community Heroes (Fall 2017 Edition) (11-09-2017)
Building a Microservices Ecosystem with Kafka Streams and KSQL (11-09-2017)
This Is How Governments Might Respond To The Data Transparency Blockchain Is Creating (11-09-2017)
3 Driving Factors for Why Omnichannel Needs API Integration and Management (11-09-2017)
3 Developer (11-08-2017)
How we develop APInf Platform REST APIs openly (11-07-2017)
Microservices with Kong (11-05-2017)
Developer community Stack Overflow reportedly lays off 20% as it refocusses business (11-02-2017)
How to Keep Your API Keys Safe (11-01-2017)
Axway Extends Multi (10-31-2017)
Kong & Alpine on Docker (10-26-2017)
3scale API Management Simplifies OpenID Connect Integration (10-26-2017)
Introducing New Advanced Alexa Skills Courses by Codecademy (10-26-2017)
How to Rate (10-25-2017)
Comparing Perficient (PRFT) & Apigee Corp (APIC) (10-24-2017)
5 things to do before taking your private API public (10-22-2017)
Lean methods for API management (10-22-2017)
Tyk uses Postman for client engagement (10-20-2017)
WSO2: Driving Innovation with Open Source Middleware (10-20-2017)
Acclaim Consulting Group Enhances API Management Practice (10-20-2017)
How to combine API and microservices management (10-19-2017)
5 steps to API frustration (10-19-2017)
4 APIs Doing Developer Experience Really Well (10-19-2017)
Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management (10-18-2017)
API friction (10-18-2017)
Apigee Corp (APIC) vs. F5 Networks (FFIV) Head (10-17-2017)
Mesosphere DC/OS Kong Implementation Meetup (10-17-2017)
Key ingredient for modernization: Evolutionary architecture using microservices (10-16-2017)
How to combine API and microservices management (10-16-2017)
Kong hopes to be king of enterprise API management (10-16-2017)
Welcome Kong Inc. (10-16-2017)
Welcome Kong Inc. (10-16-2017)
Mashape Rebrands as Kong Inc., Declares Monolithic Application Dead (10-16-2017)
Flex your apps muscles with Mobile SDK 1.5 for CA Mobile API Gateway (10-16-2017)
Head to Head Comparison: Apigee Corp (APIC) vs. F5 Networks (FFIV) (10-15-2017)
API Management Get in control of your brand (10-13-2017)
Deploy Tyk Hybrid with one (10-13-2017)
Nice work!Quick question. Due to Twitter API limitation, how does your app deal with it? (10-12-2017)
Google, IBM and others launch an open source API for keeping tabs on software supply chains (10-12-2017)
The Best Practices for a Great Developer Experience (DX) (10-11-2017)
Using Tyk and Git to source (10-10-2017)
Reflections on A Developer Relations Bill of Rights James Governor's Monkchips (10-10-2017)
Dev Rel requires explicit ethical and social guidelines (10-10-2017)
Dell Boomi B2B Integration Transforms How Organizations Work with Trading Partners (10-10-2017)
Fujitsu to Partner with Jitterbit to Accelerate Integration and API Management for Cloud and Enterprise Applications (10-10-2017)
APInf (10-09-2017)
APInf enables distributed API gateways with plethora of protocols (10-09-2017)
Platform on the Platform (10-05-2017)
K2fly wins work with API (10-04-2017)
Integrating GitHub and GitLab with Scripts (10-04-2017)
Why is API Management witnessing Significant Demand in the Global Market During 2016 to 2024 (10-04-2017)
Every Dev Rel professional deserves a clear set of business goals (10-03-2017)
A guide to low (10-03-2017)
A Developer Relations Bill of Rights (10-02-2017)
ICE and API (10-01-2017)
Developer Experience (DX) Devs Are People Too (09-30-2017)
Get the most out of your Azure portal experience (09-28-2017)
Gauging API Success: Knowing What Metrics to Measure (09-27-2017)
Glitch for Platforms Tools to measure and improve developer adoption of your API. (09-27-2017)
Twitter's Revamped Developer Site Is Now a 'Complete Reference Center' (09-26-2017)
Introducing the Cloudflare Geo Key Manager (09-26-2017)
Announcing general availability of the new App Service Premium Plan (09-25-2017)
EnvKey Protect api keys and credentials. Keep config in sync. (09-25-2017)
DreamFactory 2.9 adds AD SSO, GitHub, and GitLab (09-24-2017)
Intercom Extension for TeamSQL (09-22-2017)
API Management Market Technological Breakthroughs, Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis by 2024 (09-21-2017)
Dev rant: Stop abusing wildcard certs (09-21-2017)
The 4 Key Elements of API Management in Open Banking (09-21-2017)
WebHooks vs WebSub: Which Is Better For Real (09-21-2017)
Only 4 in 10 firms in Singapore are advanced API management users (09-20-2017)
T (09-19-2017)
Microsoft to show off new Bing Search version, new Custom Search API at Ignite (09-19-2017)
Great DX Is For More Than Just Developers (09-18-2017)
How API Management Accelerates Digital Business (09-18-2017)
How To : Deployment Architecture to save throttled out messages from WSO2 API Manager (09-17-2017)
What API Providers Can Learn from the Lego Developer Experience (09-17-2017)
Stepping into the world of Digital Transformation with WSO2 API Manager (09-15-2017)
Making Your First API Call with HelloSign (09-15-2017)
Mellifera 13: Export to MISP, Webhooks, API Keys & ES 5 (09-15-2017)
Mesosphere DC/OS Package Now on KONG (09-14-2017)
DevNet Sandbox Part 2: Making it Easy to Learn and Innovate (09-14-2017)
The Twilio Account and Console (09-14-2017)
Improved developer reporting: Integration Health page updates (09-14-2017)
Tesla plans to unveil its all (09-13-2017)
Equifax Secret PIN Controversy Exemplifies The Need For Rate Limits (09-13-2017)
The Google Brain Teams Approach to Research (09-13-2017)
Creating a threshold alert in Elasticsearch is simpler than ever. (09-13-2017)
HashiCorp Terraform Provider Versioning (09-12-2017)
Postal Service needs to capitalize on API user data, report says (09-11-2017)
Research delivers insight into the API management market (09-08-2017)
How To Submit Security Tokens to an API Provider, Pt. 1 (09-08-2017)
Tutorial for building a Web Application with Amazon S3, Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway (09-06-2017)
Your Own Little Space on Glitch (09-06-2017)
The Apigee Edge Platform: An Overview (09-05-2017)
Change Is the Only Constant in a REST API The Composition (09-05-2017)
Are your web and mobile APIs putting your business at risk? (09-05-2017)
The Total Economic Impact of An API Management Solution (09-04-2017)
World's First DataStore for B (09-02-2017)
WSO2 API Manager (09-01-2017)
Everything as a Service (09-01-2017)
Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Market by Solution, Service, Organization Size, Vertical, and Region ... (09-01-2017)
AWS API Gateway to hide request credentials (09-01-2017)
Solution Providers Look To Hire IoT Specialists With Startup Savvy (08-31-2017)
Open source helps Schiphol fly to multi (08-31-2017)
Secure and Manage AWS Lambda Endpoints with Kong (08-29-2017)
The right way to manage secrets with AWS (08-28-2017)
The evolving state of enterprise middleware (08-25-2017)
Microsoft Rolling Out New Azure Management Capabilities (08-24-2017)
Release notes August 23, 2017 (08-23-2017)
Meeting and Hotel Booking Providers Data Found in Public Amazon S3 Bucket (08-21-2017)
Become The Platform Connect, Enable and Enrich: Now in Slough (UK) (08-20-2017)
Cloud Governance vs Cloud Management: Whats the Difference? (08-18-2017)
Why Cybersecurity and API Management are the Next Frontiers in Vehicle Safety (08-18-2017)
Roadmap Platform for makers to share their projects progress (08-18-2017)
Developer Experience: The Key to a Successful API (08-17-2017)
New WSO2 IoT Server Release Adds Support for 100% API (08-17-2017)
Alipay continues its aggressive expansion with Yelp partnership (BABA) (08-16-2017)
Developers Earn Money for Eligible Skills Customers Love (08-16-2017)
Amazon expands program that pays Alexa developers for top (08-16-2017)
Introducing Cosmic Clusters: Multi (08-16-2017)
Why your team needs an Azure Stack Operator (08-15-2017)
How to Hide API Keys When Building Web Apps On CodePen (08-14-2017)
Cyber social responsibility (08-14-2017)
AWS CloudHSM Update Cost Effective Hardware Key Management at Cloud Scale for Sensitive & Regulated Workloads (08-14-2017)
AWS Config Update New Managed Rules to Secure S3 Buckets (08-14-2017)
How APIs & API management are changing the banking industry (08-12-2017)
What are some solid options for open source API management tools? (08-09-2017)
Boldly Go (08-08-2017)
API deal opens opportunities for Trinseo (08-07-2017)
CIO upfront: Lessons from Xero on building a digital ecosystem (08-07-2017)
8 reasons why your API adoption is so slow (08-07-2017)
Google adds Home to its Preview Program for early access to upcoming features (08-07-2017)
Plugin Development Tutorials, Videos, and More (08-06-2017)
Understand your API customer why you should embrace early adopters (08-05-2017)
Definition of API quota, API throttling and API burst (08-04-2017)
API Advocate Suffers Workplace Identity Crisis Joyce Stack Medium (08-03-2017)
The hidden costs of open data (08-02-2017)
API Gateway Plugins (08-02-2017)
Meet the Most Comprehensive API Management Platform on the Market: ignite 6.0 (08-01-2017)
The secret API behind (08-01-2017)
When Digital Transformation Needn't Come At A Huge Cost (08-01-2017)
Announcing General Availability of Consumption and Charge APIs for Enterprise Azure customers (08-01-2017)
AutomateWork Partners With Thriftly Enabling Customers to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation (07-31-2017)
AutomateWork Partners With Thriftly Enabling Customers to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation (07-31-2017)
Build Powerful Setup Apps with the All (07-27-2017)
Build Powerful Setup Apps with the All (07-27-2017)
Instagram *finally* opens up its API and everyones happy again (07-27-2017)
Scalr Introduces API Management and Self (07-26-2017)
API management in the real world (07-26-2017)
API Management Market (07-24-2017)
The Instagram Platform API Just Added Metrics, Insights From Facebook's Graph API (07-24-2017)
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Building User Personas for API Success (05-27-2017)
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Google, IBM and Lyft launch Istio, an open (05-24-2017)
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API Management Market Overview and Manufacturing Cost Structure: Industry Forecast Report (05-16-2017)
API Management Market Overview and Manufacturing Cost Structure: Industry Forecast Report (05-16-2017)
Oracle launches API platform cloud service (05-12-2017)
A.Y. Technologies offers Kong Professional Services in Canada (05-09-2017)
Yelp Adds GraphQL Support to Fusion API, Introduces Developer Beta Program (05-05-2017)
Minimizing IoT security casualties through API management (05-04-2017)
EC2 Price Reductions Reserved Instances & M4 Instances (05-03-2017)
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New ? Usage Plans for Amazon API Gateway (08-11-2016)
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Are We Stepping Back And Considering The Potential For Abuse With Our APIs? (01-08-2016)
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Backendless 2.0 is released with Geofencing, Logging API, Node.JS support and API Management (06-10-2015)
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Going Beyond Just Documenting Your API, And Making Things Fun (05-26-2015)
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API Management for Everyone (04-21-2015)
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How Not To Onboard With Your API: Fiber Locator API (04-10-2015)
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These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Management Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

Github Pages

GitHub brings together the world???s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. From open source projects to private team repositories, we???re your all-in-one platform for collaborative development.


GitHub brings together the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. From open source projects to private team repositories, we’re your all-in-one platform for collaborative development.


  • List repositories for the specified org
  • Triggers when a PUSH event occurs
  • Get a single issue
  • Get the authenticated user
  • List email addresses for a user
  • List organizations for the authenticated user
  • Get the list of repos

Github API

  • Create a new authorization
  • Delete an authorization
  • Execute GraphQL query
  • Delete a reaction
  • Get information about repository by $owner and $repo
  • List collaborators by $owner and $repo
  • Get a Commit
  • Get a Commit
  • Get a single issue
  • List comments on an issueEnabled for GitHub Apps
  • Create reaction for an issue
  • Follow a user
  • Unfollow a user
  • Get a single user
  • Get user's followers
  • Get users who follow user
  • List events that a user has received
  • List events for an organization
  • List user organizationsIntegrations
  • List user repositories

GitHub API v3

  • List public repositories for the specified user.

GitHub GraphQL

  • Submit GraphQL query

GitHub Organizer

  • Create Issue
  • Get Repo Issues
  • Delete Comment
  • Edit Comment
  • Edit Issue
  • Create Comment
  • Get Issue Comments
  • Get Repos


  • user_url

Github Gists

GitHub brings together the world???s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. From open source projects to private team repositories, we???re your all-in-one platform for collaborative development.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion. You can use AWS CloudFormations?sample templates?or create your own templates to describe the AWS resources, and any associated dependencies or runtime parameters, required to run your application. You do not need to figure out the order for provisioning AWS services or the subtleties of making those dependencies work. CloudFormation takes care of this for you. After the AWS resources are deployed, you can modify and update them in a controlled and predictable way, in effect applying version control to your AWS infrastructure the same way you do with your software. You can also visualize your templates as diagrams and edit them using a drag-and-drop interface with the?AWS CloudFormation Designer. You can deploy and update a template and its associated collection of resources (called a stack) by using the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface, or APIs. CloudFormation is available at no additional charge, and you pay only for the AWS resources needed to run your applications.

AWS CloudFormation API

  • Cancel Update Stack
  • Continue Update Rollback
  • Create Change Set
  • Create Stack
  • Delete Change Set
  • Delete Stack
  • Describe Account Limits
  • Describe Change Set
  • Describe Stack Events
  • Describe Stack Resource
  • Describe Stack Resources
  • Describe Stacks
  • Estimate Template Cost
  • Execute Change Set
  • Get Stack Policy
  • Get Template
  • Get Template Summary
  • List Change Sets
  • List Exports
  • List Imports
  • List Stack Resources
  • List Stacks
  • Set Stack Policy
  • Signal Resource
  • Update Stack
  • Validate Template


The AWS CloudHSM service helps you meet corporate, contractual and regulatory compliance requirements for data security by using dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances within the AWS cloud. With CloudHSM, you control the encryption keys and cryptographic operations performed by the HSM.

AWS and AWS Marketplace partners offer a variety of solutions for protecting sensitive data within the AWS platform, but for applications and data subject to rigorous contractual or regulatory requirements for managing cryptographic keys, additional protection is sometimes necessary. Until now, your only option was to store the sensitive data (or the encryption keys protecting the sensitive data) in your on-premises datacenters. Unfortunately, this either prevented you from migrating these applications to the cloud or significantly slowed their performance. The AWS CloudHSM service allows you to protect your encryption keys within HSMs designed and validated to government standards for secure key management. You can securely generate, store, and manage the cryptographic keys used for data encryption such that they are accessible only by you. AWS CloudHSM helps you comply with strict key management requirements without sacrificing application performance.

The AWS CloudHSM service works with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). CloudHSM instances are provisioned inside your VPC with an IP address that you specify, providing simple and private network connectivity to your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Placing CloudHSM instances near your EC2 instances decreases network latency, which can improve application performance. AWS provides dedicated and exclusive (single tenant) access to CloudHSM instances, isolated from other AWS customers. Available in multiple Regions and Availability Zones (AZs), AWS CloudHSM allows you to add secure and durable key storage to your applications.


  • Add Tags To Resource
  • Create Hapg
  • Create HSM
  • Create Luna Client
  • Delete HAPG
  • Delete HSM
  • Delete Luna Client
  • Describe HAPG
  • Describe HSM
  • Describe Luna Client
  • Get Config
  • List Available Zones
  • List HAPG
  • List HSM
  • List Luna Clients
  • List Tags For Resource
  • Modify HAPG
  • Modify HSM
  • Modify Luna Client
  • Remove Tags From Resource

AWS CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. You can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, collect and monitor log files, set alarms, and automatically react to changes in your AWS resources. Amazon CloudWatch can monitor AWS resources such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon DynamoDB tables, and Amazon RDS DB instances, as well as custom metrics generated by your applications and services, and any log files your applications generate. You can use Amazon CloudWatch to gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health. You can use these insights to react and keep your application running smoothly.

AWS CloudWatch API

  • Delete Alarms
  • Describe Alarm History
  • Describe Alarms
  • Describe Alarms For Metric
  • Disable Alarm Actions
  • Enable Alarm Actions
  • Get Metric Statistics
  • List Metrics
  • Put Metric Alarm
  • Put Metric Data
  • Set Alarm State

AWS EC2 Systems Manager

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is a management service that helps you automatically collect software inventory, apply OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems. These capabilities help you define and track system configurations, prevent drift, and maintain software compliance of your EC2 and on-premises configurations. By providing a management approach that is designed for the scale and agility of the cloud but extends into your on-premises data center, EC2 Systems Manager makes it easier for you to seamlessly bridge your existing infrastructure with AWS.

EC2 Systems Manager is easy to use. Simply access EC2 Systems Manager from the EC2 Management Console, select the instances you want to manage, and define the management tasks you want to perform. EC2 Systems Manager is available now at no cost to manage both your EC2 and on-premises resources.

AWS EC2 Systems Manager API

  • Add Tags To Resource
  • Cancel Command
  • Create Activation
  • Create Association
  • Create Association Batch
  • Create Document
  • Create Maintenance Window
  • Create Patch Baseline
  • Delete Activation
  • Delete Association
  • Delete Document
  • Delete Maintenance Window
  • Delete Parameter
  • Delete Patch Baseline
  • Deregister Managed Instance
  • Deregister Patch Baseline For Patch Group
  • Deregister Target From Maintenance Window
  • Deregister Task From Maintenance Window
  • Describe Activations
  • Describe Association
  • Describe Automation Executions
  • Describe Available Patches
  • Describe Document
  • Describe Document Permission
  • Describe Effective Instance Associations
  • Describe Effective Patches For Patch Baseline
  • Describe Instance Associations Status
  • Describe Instance Information
  • Describe Instance Patches
  • Describe Instance Patch States
  • Describe Instance Patch States For Patch Group
  • Describe Maintenance Window Executions
  • Describe Maintenance Window Execution Task Invocations
  • Describe Maintenance Window Execution Tasks
  • Describe Maintenance Windows
  • Describe Maintenance Window Targets
  • Describe Maintenance Window Tasks
  • Describe Parameters
  • Describe Patch Baselines
  • Describe Patch Groups
  • Describe Patch Group State
  • Get Automation Execution
  • Get Command Invocation
  • Get Default Patch Baseline
  • Get Deployable Patch Snapshot For Instance
  • Get Document
  • Get Inventory
  • Get Inventory Schema
  • Get Maintenance Window
  • Get Maintenance Window Execution
  • Get Maintenance Window Execution Task
  • Get Parameter History
  • Get Parameters
  • Get Patch Baseline
  • Get Patch Baseline For Patch Group
  • List Associations
  • List Command Invocations
  • List Commands
  • List Documents
  • List Document Versions
  • List Inventory Entries
  • List Tags For Resource
  • Modify Document Permission
  • Put Inventory
  • Put Parameter
  • Register Default Patch Baseline
  • Register Patch Baseline For Patch Group
  • Register Target With Maintenance Window
  • Register Task With Maintenance Window
  • Remove Tags From Resource
  • Send Command
  • Start Automation Execution
  • Stop Automation Execution
  • Update Association
  • Update Association Status
  • Update Document
  • Update Document Default Version
  • Update Maintenance Window
  • Update Managed Instance Role
  • Update Patch Baseline

Azure API Management

Use Azure API Management as a turnkey solution for publishing APIs to external and internal customers. Quickly create consistent and modern API gateways for existing back-end services hosted anywhere, secure and protect them from abuse and overuse, and get insights into usage and health. Plus, automate and scale developer onboarding to help get your API program up and running.


  • API Management Operations List
  • API Management Services Check Name Availability
  • API Management Services List
  • API Management Services ListByResourceGroup
  • ApiManagementServices CreateOrUpdate
  • ApiManagementServices Delete
  • ApiManagementServices Get
  • ApiManagementServices Update
  • Apis ListByService
  • Apis CreateOrUpdate
  • Apis Delete
  • Apis Get
  • Apis Update
  • ApiOperations ListByApis
  • ApiOperations CreateOrUpdate
  • ApiOperations Delete
  • ApiOperations Get
  • ApiOperations Update
  • ApiOperationsPolicy CreateOrUpdate
  • ApiOperationsPolicy Delete
  • ApiOperationsPolicy Get
  • ApiPolicy CreateOrUpdate
  • ApiPolicy Delete
  • ApiPolicy Get
  • ApiProducts ListByApis
  • ApiManagementServices ApplyNetworkConfigurationUpdates
  • AuthorizationServers ListByService
  • AuthorizationServers CreateOrUpdate
  • AuthorizationServers Delete
  • AuthorizationServers Get
  • AuthorizationServers Update
  • Backends ListByService
  • Backends CreateOrUpdate
  • Backends Delete
  • Backends Get
  • Backends Update
  • ApiManagementServices Backup
  • Certificates ListByService
  • Certificates CreateOrUpdate
  • Certificates Delete
  • Certificates Get
  • ApiManagementServices GetSsoToken
  • Groups ListByService
  • Groups CreateOrUpdate
  • Groups Delete
  • Groups Get
  • Groups Update
  • GroupUsers ListByGroups
  • GroupUsers Create
  • GroupUsers Delete
  • IdentityProviders ListByService
  • IdentityProviders CreateOrUpdate
  • IdentityProviders Delete
  • IdentityProviders Get
  • IdentityProviders Update
  • Loggers ListByService
  • Loggers CreateOrUpdate
  • Loggers Delete
  • Loggers Get
  • Loggers Update
  • ApiManagementServices ManageDeployments
  • NetworkStatus GetByService
  • OpenIdConnectProviders ListByService
  • OpenIdConnectProviders CreateOrUpdate
  • OpenIdConnectProviders Delete
  • OpenIdConnectProviders Get
  • OpenIdConnectProviders Update
  • PolicySnippets ListByService
  • Products ListByService
  • Products CreateOrUpdate
  • Products Delete
  • Products Get
  • Products Update
  • ProductApis ListByProducts
  • ProductApis Create
  • ProductApis Delete
  • ProductGroups ListByProducts
  • ProductGroups Create
  • ProductGroups Delete
  • ProductPolicy CreateOrUpdate
  • ProductPolicy Delete
  • ProductPolicy Get
  • ProductSubscriptions ListByProducts
  • Properties ListByService
  • Property CreateOrUpdate
  • Property Delete
  • Property Get
  • Property Update
  • QuotaByCounterKeys ListByService
  • QuotaByCounterKeys Update
  • QuotaByPeriodKeys Get
  • QuotaByPeriodKeys Update
  • Regions ListByService
  • Reports ListByService
  • ApiManagementServices Restore
  • Subscriptions List
  • Subscriptions CreateOrUpdate
  • Subscriptions Delete
  • Subscriptions Get
  • Subscriptions Update
  • Subscriptions RegeneratePrimaryKey
  • Subscriptions RegenerateSecondaryKey
  • TenantAccess Get
  • TenantAccess Update
  • TenantAccessGit Get
  • TenantAccessGit RegeneratePrimaryKey
  • TenantAccessGit RegenerateSecondaryKey
  • TenantAccess RegeneratePrimaryKey
  • TenantAccess RegenerateSecondaryKey
  • TenantConfiguration Deploy
  • TenantConfiguration Save
  • TenantConfigurationSyncState Get
  • TenantConfiguration Validate
  • TenantPolicy CreateOrUpdate
  • TenantPolicy Delete
  • TenantPolicy Get
  • ApiManagementServices UpdateHostname
  • ApiManagementServices UploadCertificate
  • Users ListByService
  • Users CreateOrUpdate
  • Users Delete
  • Users Get
  • Users Update
  • Users GenerateSsoUrl
  • UserGroups ListByUsers
  • UserIdentities ListByUsers
  • UserSubscriptions ListByUsers

Azure Billing API

Use Azure Billing APIs to pull usage and resource data into your preferred data analysis tools. The Azure Resource Usage and RateCard APIs can help you accurately predict and manage your costs. The APIs are implemented as a Resource Provider and part of the family of APIs exposed by the Azure Resource Manager. 


  • Operations List
  • Operations List
  • Billing Periods List
  • Billing Periods Get
  • Invoices List
  • Invoices Get Latest
  • Invoices Get
  • Usage Details List

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault offers an easy, cost-effective way to safeguard keys and other secrets in the cloud by using hardware security modules (HSMs). Protect cryptographic keys and small secrets like passwords with keys stored in HSMs. For added assurance, import or generate your keys in HSMs that are certified to FIPS 140-2 level 2 and Common Criteria EAL4+ standards, so that your keys stay within the HSM boundary. Key Vault is designed so that Microsoft does not see or extract your keys. Create new keys for Dev-Test in minutes and migrate seamlessly to production keys managed by security operations. Key Vault scales to meet the demands of your cloud applications without the hassle required to provision, deploy, and manage HSMs and key management software.


  • Vaults List By Resource Group
  • Vaults Create Or Update
  • Vaults Delete
  • Vaults Get
  • Vaults List


Axway Software is a publicly-held information technology company that provides software tools for enterprise software, Enterprise Application Integration, business activity monitoring, business analytics, mobile application development and web API management.


Apify is a small and powerful open source library that delivers new levels of developer productivity by simplifying the creation of RESTful architectures. It helps development teams deliver quality web services and applications in reduced amounts of time.  Web services are a great way to extend your application, however, adding a web API to an existing web application can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Apify takes certain common patterns found in most web services and abstract them so that you can quickly write web APIs without having to write too much code.


SlashDB is an API service provider that focuses primarily on delivering APIs (Application programming interface) from your database. Once it is installed on any web server, it will connect your internal databases and construct a REST/HTTP web service, ...


The Time to Transform is Now with WSO2s Open Technology for Agile Digital Business.

WSO2 API Manager - Admin

  • Add an Application level throttle policy
  • Get all Application level throttle policies

WSO2 API Manager - Publisher API

  • Check given API attibute name is already exist
  • Create a new API
  • Retrieve/Search APIs

WSO2 API Manager - Store

  • Retrieve/Search APIs
  • Generate SDK for an API
  • Get details of an API
  • Get a list of documents of an API
  • Get a document of an API
  • Get the content of an API document
  • Get swagger definition
  • Get thumbnail image
  • Create a new application
  • Retrieve/Search applications

WSO2 APP Manager - Publisher API

  • Create a new App
  • Get all Apps


StrikeIron is the leader in Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), delivering data quality and communications solutions via our cloud platform IronCloud. We provide address verification, email verification, phone validation, phone append, SMS text messaging, and sales tax solutions to customers in a variety of markets. Our solutions are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system. Additionally, our solutions are pre-integrated into leading platforms like:, Magento, Informatica, Oracle CRM On-Demand, and more. 

Restman Swagger

  • Create Active Connectors
  • List All Active Connectors
  • Active Connectors Template
  • Create or Update Active Connectors By ID
  • Delete Active Connectors By ID
  • List Active Connectors By ID
  • List All Assertion Security Zones
  • Assertion Security Zones Template
  • List Assertion Security Zones By Name
  • Update Assertion Security Zones By Name
  • List All Audit Configuration
  • Create or Update Audit Configuration Default
  • List Audit Configuration Default
  • List All Audit Configuration Default Dependencies
  • Audit Configuration Template
  • Exports Bundle
  • Imports Bundle
  • Imports Batch of Bundles
  • Exports Bundle By Resource Type And ID
  • Create Cassandra Connections
  • List All Cassandra Connections
  • Cassandra Connections Template
  • Create or Update Cassandra Connections By ID
  • Delete Cassandra Connections By ID
  • List Cassandra Connections By ID
  • Create Cluster Properties
  • List All Cluster Properties
  • Cluster Properties Template
  • Create or Update Cluster Properties By ID
  • Delete Cluster Properties By ID
  • List Cluster Properties By ID
  • Create Custom Key Values
  • List All Custom Key Values
  • Custom Key Values Template
  • Create or Update Custom Key Values By ID
  • Delete Custom Key Values By ID
  • List Custom Key Values By ID
  • Create Email Listeners
  • List All Email Listeners
  • Email Listeners Template
  • Create or Update Email Listeners By ID
  • Delete Email Listeners By ID
  • List Email Listeners By ID
  • Create Encapsulated Assertions
  • List Encapsulated Assertions
  • Encapsulated Assertions Template
  • Create or Update Encapsulated Assertions By ID
  • Delete Encapsulated Assertions By ID
  • List Encapsulated Assertions By ID
  • List Encapsulated Assertions Dependencies By ID
  • Create Firewall Rules
  • List All Firewall Rules
  • Firewall Rules Template
  • Create Firewall Rules By ID
  • Delete Firewall Rules By ID
  • List Firewall Rules By ID
  • Create a New Folder
  • List All Folders
  • Folders Template
  • Creates or Updates Folders By ID
  • Deletes Folders By ID
  • List Folders By ID
  • List Folders Dependencies By ID
  • Create a Generic Entities
  • List All Generic Entities
  • Generic Entities Template
  • Create or Update GenericEntities By ID
  • Delete Generic Entities By ID
  • List Generic Entities By Id
  • List All Groups
  • Groups Template
  • List Groups By GroupID
  • Create Http Configurations
  • List Http Configurations
  • Http Configurations Template
  • Create or Update Http Configurations By ID
  • Delete Http Configurations By ID
  • List Http Configurations By ID
  • Create an Identity Providers
  • List All Identity Providers
  • Identity Providers Template
  • Create or Update Identity Providers By Identity Provider ID
  • Delete Identity Providers By Identity Provider ID
  • List Identity Providers By Identity Provider ID
  • List All Identity Providers Groups
  • Identity Providers Groups Template
  • List Identity Providers Groups By ID
  • Creates New Identity Providers Users
  • List All Identity Providers Users
  • Identity Providers Users Template
  • Delete Identity Providers Users By ID
  • List Identity Providers Users By ID
  • Update Identity Providers Users By ID
  • Delete Identity Providers Users Certificate By ID
  • List Identity Providers Users Certificate By ID
  • Set Identity Providers Users Certificate By ID
  • Update Identity Providers Users Password
  • Create Interface Tags
  • List All Interface Tags
  • Interface Tags Template
  • Update Interface Tags By ID
  • Delete Interface Tags By ID
  • List Interface Tags By ID
  • Create JDBC Connections
  • List All JDBC Connections
  • JDBC Connections Template
  • Create JDBC Connections By ID
  • Delete JDBC Connections By ID
  • List JDBC Connections By ID
  • Create JMS Destinations
  • List All JMS Destinations
  • JMS Destinations Template
  • Create or Update JMS Destinations By ID
  • Delete JMS Destinations By ID
  • List JMS Destinations By ID
  • Create Listen Ports
  • List All Listen Ports
  • Listen Ports Template
  • Create Listen Ports By ID
  • Delete Listen Ports By ID
  • List Listen Ports By ID
  • Create Log Sinks
  • List All Log Sinks
  • Log Sinks Template
  • Create or Update Log Sinks By ID
  • Delete Log Sinks By ID
  • List Log Sinks By ID
  • List Log Sinks Dependencies By ID
  • Create Secure Passwords
  • List All Secure Passwords
  • Secure Passwords Template
  • Create or Update Secure Passwords By ID
  • Delete Secure Passwords By ID
  • List Secure Passwords By ID
  • Create Policies
  • List All Policies
  • Policies Template
  • Create or Update Policies By ID
  • Delte Policies By ID
  • List Policies By ID
  • List Policies Dependencies By ID
  • List Policies Versions By ID
  • List Policies Versions Active By ID
  • Sets Policies Versions Active Comment By ID
  • List Policies Versions By ID And Versio nNumber
  • Policies Versions Activate By ID
  • Set Policies Versions Comment By ID
  • Create Policy Aliases
  • List All Policy Aliases
  • Policy Aliases Template
  • Create Policy Aliases By ID
  • Delte Policy Aliases By ID
  • List Policy Aliases By ID
  • Create Policy Backed Services
  • List All Policy Backed Services
  • Policy Backed Services Template
  • Create Policy Backed Services By ID
  • Delete Policy Backed Services By ID
  • List Policy Backed Services By ID
  • Policy Bundle Installers
  • List All Private Keys
  • Private Keys Template
  • Private Keys Template Private Key Creation Context
  • Private Keys Template Private Key Export Context
  • Private Keys Template Private Key Import Context
  • Create Private Keys By ID
  • Delete Private Keys By ID
  • List Private Keys By ID
  • Update Private Keys By ID
  • Private Keys Export By ID
  • Private Keys Generate CSR By ID
  • Private Keys Import By ID
  • Private Keys Sign Cert By ID
  • Private Keys Special Purpose By ID
  • Create Resources
  • List All Resources
  • Resources Template
  • Create or Update Resources By ID
  • Delete Resources By ID
  • List Resources By ID
  • Create Revocation Checking Policies
  • List All Revocation Checking Policies
  • Revocation Checking Policies Template
  • Create or Update Revocation Checking Policies By ID
  • Delete Revocation Checking Policies By ID
  • List Revocation Checking Policies By ID
  • Create a New Roles
  • List All Roles
  • Roles Template
  • Create or Update Roles By ID
  • Delete Roles By ID
  • List Roles By ID
  • Adds a Roles Assignments By ID
  • Delete Roles Assignments By ID
  • Roles Assignments Template Add assignments
  • Create Sample Messages
  • List All Sample Messages
  • Sample Messages Template
  • Create or Update Sample Messages By ID
  • Delete Sample Messages By ID
  • List Sample Messages By ID
  • Create Scheduled Tasks
  • List All Scheduled Tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks Template
  • Create Scheduled Tasks By ID
  • Delete Scheduled Tasks By ID
  • List Scheduled Tasks By ID
  • Create Security Zones
  • List All Security Zones
  • Security Zones Template
  • Create or Update Security Zones By ID
  • Delete Security Zones By ID
  • List Security Zones By ID
  • Create Server Module Files
  • List All Server Module Files
  • Server Module Files Template
  • Create Server Module Files With ID
  • Delete Server Module Files By ID
  • List Server Module Files By ID
  • Create Service Aliases
  • List All Service Aliases
  • Service Aliases Template
  • Create Service Aliases By ID
  • Delete Service Aliases By ID
  • List Service Aliases By ID
  • Create Services
  • List All Services
  • Services Template
  • Create or Update Services By ID
  • Delete Services By ID
  • List Services By ID
  • List Services Dependencies By ID
  • List Services Versions By ID
  • List Services Versions Active By ID
  • Sets Services Versions Active Comment By ID
  • List Services Versions By ID And Version Number
  • Sets Services Versions Activate By ID
  • Sets Services Versions Comment By ID
  • Create SiteMinder Configurations
  • List All SiteMinder Configurations
  • SiteMinder Configurations Template
  • Create or Update SiteMinder Configurations By ID
  • Delete SiteMinder Configurations By ID
  • List SiteMinder Configurations By ID
  • Install or Upgrade Solution Kit
  • Uninstall Solution Kit
  • List Solution Kits
  • Solution Kits Template
  • List Solution Kits By ID
  • Create Trusted Certificates
  • List Trusted Certificates
  • Trusted Certificates Template
  • Create or Update Trusted Certificates By Id
  • Delete Trusted Certificates By ID
  • List Trusted Certificates By ID
  • Create Users
  • List All Users
  • Users Template
  • Delete Users By UserID
  • List Users By UserID
  • Update Users By UserID
  • Delete Users Certificate By UserID
  • List Users Certificate By UserID
  • Set Users Certificate By UserID
  • Change Users Password By UserID
  • Create Work Queues
  • List All Work Queues
  • Work Queues Template
  • Create or Update Work Queues By ID
  • Delete Work Queues By ID
  • List Work Queues By ID


StrongLoop began in 2013 offering an open-source enterprise version of Node.js. Acquired by IBM in 2015, the StrongLoop team continues to build LoopBack, the open-source Node.js API Framework. IBM continues to contribute and support the StrongLoop comm...

API Umbrella

GitHub brings together the world???s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. From open source projects to private team repositories, we???re your all-in-one platform for collaborative development.


Repose is an open-source platform that you can use to build stacks of reusable software components. These components can be leveraged by service developers to perform common API processing tasks. By using Reposes components rather than creating their own, service developers can focus on the unique features of their services. Repose can be used inside a service to perform API operations. It can also run on one or more separate servers as a proxy to one or more services. At its core, Repose is a proxy that allows services to use Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).


Tyk - Open Source API Gateway, API Management Platform, Developer Portal and Analytics - Tyk

Living Lab Bus API

Simulation API

Tyk Gateway REST API

  • Create API
  • Get APIs
  • Delete API
  • Get API
  • Update API
  • Check Health
  • Get Keys
  • Create Key
  • Add Custom Key
  • Remove Key
  • Update Key
  • OAuth Authorize Client
  • OAuth Create Client
  • OAuth Get Clients
  • Delete Client
  • Invalidate Key
  • Reload Gateway
  • Reload Group

Tyk Swagger Petstore

  • Add a new pet to the store

Google Cloud Key Management Service

Cloud KMS is a cloud-hosted key management service that lets you manage encryption for your cloud services the same way you do on-premises. You can generate, use, rotate and destroy AES256 encryption keys. Cloud KMS is integrated with IAM and Cloud Audit Logging so that you can manage permissions on individual keys, and monitor how these are used. Use Cloud KMS to protect secrets and other sensitive data which you need to store in Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

  • Get Key
  • Update Key
  • Get Locations
  • Decrypt Data
  • Destroy Key
  • Encrypt Data
  • Restore Key
  • Update Version
  • Create Key
  • List Keys
  • Create Key Version
  • List Key Versions
  • Create Key Ring
  • List Key Rings
  • Get IAM Policy
  • Set IAM Policy
  • Test IAM Permissions

Google Cloud Resource Manager

Google Cloud Platform provides resource containers such as Organizations and Projects, that allow you to group and hierarchically organize other Cloud Platform resources. This hierarchical organization lets you easily manage common aspects of your resources such as access control and configuration settings. The Google Cloud Resource Manager service enables you to programmatically manage these resource containers.

Google Cloud Resource Manager

  • Create Lien
  • List Liens
  • Search Organization
  • Create Project
  • List Projects
  • Delete Project
  • Get Project
  • Update Project
  • Get Project Ancestry
  • Restore Project
  • Get IAM Policy
  • Set IAM Policy
  • Test IAM Policy
  • Delete Lien
  • Get Operation
  • Get Organization IAM Policy
  • Set Organization IAM Policy
  • TEst Organization IAM Permissions

Google Cloud User Accounts

Service for managing the global Google Cloud user accounts. This API reference is organized by resource type. Each resource type has one or more data representations and one or more methods.

Cloud User Accounts

  • Create Group
  • Get Groups
  • Delete Group
  • Get Group
  • Add User To Group
  • Remove Use From Group
  • Get IAM Policy
  • Set IAM Policy
  • Test IAM Permissions
  • Get Operations
  • Delete Operation
  • Get Operation
  • Create User
  • Get Users
  • Get User IAM Policy
  • Set User IAM Policy
  • Test User IAM Permissions
  • Delete User
  • Get User
  • Add Public Key
  • Remove Public Key
  • Get Public Keys
  • Get Linux Account Views

Google Service Management

Google Service Management is an infrastructure service of Google Cloud Platform that manages other APIs and services, including Googles own Cloud Platform services and their APIs, and services created using Google Cloud Endpoints.

Google Service Management

  • Create Service
  • Get Services
  • Delete Service
  • Get Service
  • Create Service Configuration
  • Create Service Configuration
  • Create Service Configurations
  • Get Service Configuration
  • Create Service Configuration
  • Create new Service Configuration
  • Get History
  • Get Service Configuration
  • Disable Service
  • Enable Service
  • Undelete Service
  • Generate Configuration Report
  • Get Service State
  • Get IAM Policy
  • Set IAM Policy
  • Test Permissions

Other Management Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

Exicon - Exicon brings your digital idea to life. From finding a developer, mobile strategy, and design to implementation, analytics and management. We have years of experience in various industries and knowledge of the latest trends. Create mobile app...
ApiAxle - ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network, in front of your API(s) and manages things that you shouldnt have to, like rate limiting, authentication and caching. It is fast, open and easy to configure. ?ApiAxle is different to the cloud based services such as Mashery in that it is intended to be installed within your LAN and be managed by you. This means you own your users, you own your data and you can more easily manage costs. ApiAxle is open-source. This means you can modify it as much as you like and contribute changes back. Others will do the same and gradually the system will become all the better for it.
Gluu - Gluu allows Organizations to safely manage identity security. Gluu supports SAML2.0, OpenID Content, idp shibboleth, idp saml, open source sso, active directory saml. Free Trial Available. - Create beautiful product and API documentation with our developer friendly platform.
WaveMaker - Enterprise applications cant change overnight and modernization is simple things done right. The WaveMaker platform helps you to wrap around existing data and business logic, to develop and deliver modern applications that are future-proof, web-scale ...
Monarch API Manager - 100% open source API Management solution for quickly deploying, managing, and analyzing your APIs.
deployd - Deployd is the simplest way to build APIs. Ever.
Dell Boomi - The #1 Integration Cloud - Connect Everything, Engage Everywhere and Run Anywhere with Boomis industry leading iPaaS platform.
Varnish Software - Content delivery has never been simpler. Powered by a uniquely flexible caching technology, Varnish Software???s content delivery products are indispensable
APIMan - Open Source API Management - A tool for creating and maintaining excellent Developer Portals and API or Technical Documentation
Jexia - JEXIA is the place to build APIs, deploy APPs and manage all your data streams.
Apigee - Apigee Edge is a platform for developing and managing API proxies. Think of a proxy as an abstraction layer that fronts for your backend service APIs and provides value-added features like security, rate limiting, quotas, analytics, and more. The primary consumers of Edge API proxies are app developers who want to use your backend services.
Check Point - Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to corporate enterprises and governments globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th-generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other targeted attacks. Check Point offers a multilevel security architecture with our new Gen V advanced threat prevention that protects all networks, cloud and mobile operations of a business against all known attacks combined with the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive single point of control management system.

Management Tooling

These are the open source tooling that I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of tool_anizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

Access ControlsAddress VerificationAdvanced Network Threat PreventionAgenciesAmazon Web ServicesAnalysisAPI LIfeycleAPI Management OtherAPI Service ProviderAPI ToolsApplicationsAuthenticationB2BBaaSBillingBotsBrazilBusinessCachingCatalogCensusChange Log ExampleCLICloudCodingCommand Line InterfaceCommerceComputeContractContractsDataData ProviderDatabasesDeploymentDesignDesign EditorDevelopersDiscoveryDistanceDNS CloudDocumentationEncryptionEndpoint SecurityERPExchangeExpensesfailoversFinancialFirewallGatewayGeoGlobalHas APIHistorical Data APIIdentitiesImportsinterestingInternet of ThingsIssue ManagementIssuesKeysKubernetesLocationsLoggingManagementMarketplacesMicroservicesMicrosoftMobile SecurityMoneyMonitorMonitoringMy API StackNetworkNetwork SecurityNewsNo API DefinitionObservabilityOrchestrationpaymentPedestalPhonesPortalsProcurementProgrammingProtocolsProxiesRate LimitsRelative DataRetriesRouteSCFSecuritySecurity AutomationServerlessService APIService Level AgreementService MeshShoppingSocialSocrataSpreadsheetsState GovernmentStocksStreamsStudioTraffic ManagementUsersVerificationWebhook ImplementationsZip Codes

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.